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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka Today’s 24th February 2021 Written Update Full Episode: Khani Tries To Get Answer From Ravi!


“Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka” written episode update of 24th February 2021. The episode begins with Lucky use of the truth to Kahini that he was pushed by Harsh. Iravati says you kids deserve this. Kabini says the people in this house are didn’t even listen to reality and reacts badly. Kahn sed the kids to their room and both go upset that they fetch flowers to offer them to everyone. Meanwhile, Ravi comes to them and tells them to offer him flowers. Kids go happy. Ravi blesses both the kids.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 24th February 2021

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 24th February 2021

Kahini overhears Saroj and Yug’s conversation and she wonders now she only has 10 days to find out her parents. Later Kahani fetches Ravi into the room and she asks him about her father’s name but he can’t talk. Kahani uses to give him a notepad and pen to write down the name. He starts writing the name on a notepad. Rav writers “l” she asks what it means. Ravi thinks that how can I tell her that I’m her father. But everyone enters the room and Irravati slaps Kahini. She says why did locks my husband and pushes her to leave the room.

Khan asks why didn’t I entered the room? Saroj says I will also slap you. Irravti tells Ravi if she tries to tease him again then he can ring the bell and call someone. Yug tells Kahani to get ready as they are going out with the kids. Kahini felt bad and she is hurt also. And she wonders dreams to live at such a beautiful haveli but there are bad people and I’m here only to find about my parents. And if someone dares to yells at me gain then I will break their mouth and hands.

Yug enters and asks why is she crying? She replies angrily that your family can do whatever they want to do with me and I can’t even cry? Meanwhile, Rani and Yug come and they insist Yug help Kahani to get her ready. Iravati wonders why was Kahani with Ravi and what she use to talk to him. She tells a servant to find out. Iravati calls Gunjan and asks how much she loved Yug Gunajan replies a lot. Iravati tells her to do anything and get her husband back anyhow. Saroj covers everything and thinks now only girls will help this haveli.

Gunjan cuts her wrist with a knife after she sees Yug’s helping Kahan in Haido. Keep following our site to catch the written episode updates of “Namak Issk Ka” watch the full episode on Colors tv at 11:30 PM Mon-Fri.

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