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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka Today’s 12th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kahani Stops Yug


Another exciting episode of Namak Issk Ka, 12th March 2021 is ready to provide a full dose of drama to its viewers. A lot of drama is going to be witnessed in the upcoming episode of the daily soap of the Colors channel. The episode begins with Kahani who is talking to Yug and saying to him that you have a prasad of Bholenath in your hand and if you are not going to sit in the pooja it will be an insult of Mahadev.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

Saroj asks her not to blackmail Yug on the name of Bholenath and she can not force him to sit in the pooja But Yug says he will be going to sit in the pooja as he can not offend Bhole. Everybody gets dazed after hearing his decision. Yug and Kahani went to the temple and starts doing pooja. Kahani ties her dupatta with a cloth and puts the cloth on the shoulder of Yug. Both finish the pooja together, Ronak came there and asks the Priest to leave the house.

Ronak asks Yug that why you have done Pooja with this dancer and it is cheating you should not suppose to do this then why you did. Gujan also gets disappointed with this and says she will not going to leave in this house anymore, I can not bear all this thing and leaving the house just right away. Everyone tells her to be calm down and thinks about it with a relaxed mind. Iravati says that you are an educated person so thinks with your brain have some patience and this dancer forced Yug to sit in the pooja and why you are giving too much attention to her.

But Gunjan says she can not see this drama anymore and she can not see Yug with the dancer together and that’s why she is leaving the house. She tries to leave the house but Yug holds her hand and stop her and takes her to the temple and tells her that you always complained that I just the only mangalsutra to you but never give you the vermilion and today whatever has happened in the house was only because of Lord Shiva but what I want is only you and today I will give you the respect in front of everyone.

Yug says to Gujan that today I am going to give you the Vermilion of my name and all the respects and things that you deserve in this house. Yug is about to put vermilion on the forehead of Gunjan but suddenly Kahani stops him and comes between both of them. Kahani says to Yug, you promise that you will not be going to remove my vermilion and you already applied the vermilion on my forehead then how you can give my vermilion to Gunjan.

The episode of Namak Issk Ka will surely entertain the audience today and it’s interesting to watch the fight of Vermilion. How Kahani will going to stop Yug in order to safe her vermilion. So do not forget to watch the episode of Namak Issk Ka on the Colors channel at 9:00 and read all the upcoming details of the show on our website.

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