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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka Today’s 11 March 2021 Episode Written Update: Kahani Came Back Into Yug House


Today episode of Namak Ishq ka, 11th March 2021, the show begins with Ronak, he informs the family members that the Kahani invited reporters in order to get sympathy from them but she failed in her plan and that’s why she absconds. Everyone is very happy after hearing this and Dolly says to everyone that we should call a clergyperson for cleaning the house but suddenly Kahani came there and everyone gets shocked. She tells everyone that she can not leave her husband’s house.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

Saroj asks Kahani that why you came back if you left the house in this reply Kahani tells Saroj, Yug brings me back in this house. Yug entered with Kahani’s belongings and everyone gets shocked and he tells everyone Kahani did not invite reporters. Ronak tries to manipulate the entire scenario. He says Saroj that previously Yug said that Kahani called reporters and now he is saying she had not and in the future, he will say that he calls the reporters. What he actually wants I do not understand, Kahani says Yug never said this thing and I know you are the only one who called the reporters.

Ronak says do you have any proof against me and on what basis you are making allegations against me? She says that she did not require any proof for this as she knows that you are the only one who can do such nasty things. kahani starts doing preparation for the prayer and Saroj tells her that they will not be going to call any priest for her but Kahani says she gets the priest herself and asks Yug to get ready for the prayer. Yug refuses to do prayer with Kahani and everyone asks Yug not to do the prayer with her.

Yug goes to Kahani and asks her to stop creating more dramas in the house and he will not going to sit with her but Kahani says we both will get the blessing from Lord Shiva. Yug says this vermilion is just a misunderstanding so do not relate this thing with any other thing. Kahani says that Lord Shiva will be going to make you sit in the prayer with me. In the meantime, Gunjan came there and asks Yug to eat oats but Kahani says that Yug will not be going to eat anything before the prayer and he is the big devoted of Lord Shiva so he will not be going to have anything before the prayer.

Kahani asks Ravi about her parents and Ravi tries to tell her the truth but suddenly Iravati comes there and Kahani leaves the room. Iravati asks Ravi not to try to be a friend of Kahani otherwise I will kill you. Let’s see whether Yug will going to sit for the prayer with Kahani or not and when Kahani will get to know the truth of her parents and as well as the truth of Iravati.

For that, the readers need to watch the episode of Namak Ishq ka only on the Colors channel at 9:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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