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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 8th Today’s March 2021 Episode Written Update: Yug Is Trying To Find Out His Childhood Friend


Namak Ishq Ka today episode 5th march 2021 begins with Yug as he is crying after knowing the bitter truth of his brother. At the same time, Patanga wents near to Yug and says that it’s really good for you that you found the truth of your brother and it’s the colossal victory for a wife. Yug confesses to Patanga that Kahani is always saying the truth but I never believed her words. Rani wents to Kahani and tells her that Yug is crying and you are crying too. Kahani is about to go behind Yug but Dolly takes away her from that place.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

Whereas Ronak is worried about the terrace incident and asks Saroj to throw out Kahani from the house but Saroj tells him that you first need to win the trust of Rupa back and we will also figure out anyway. Ronak is thinking about Yug, he decided to win the trust of Yug first and finish the story of Kahani and Yug. Dolly informs Kahani that we arranged a gas stove for you and for your sibling. You can make your food on this stove but the stove is made of mud and Kahani does not know how to use it.

Dolly tells her that it’s not my problem and I can’t help her with this and then Yug comes there and asks Kahani to leave the house but Kahani refuses to leave the house. Yug asks her that if she wants she can punish him but stop bothering my family. Kahani tells Yug that just hug me and this is your punishment. Yug firstly refuses it but then he hugs her weirdly and Kahani tells her that as a first punishment you have to eat with us.

The second punishment is that you will not be going to cry again as you look weird while crying. Iravati watches all the scenarios of Yug and Kahani and asks Kahani to leave the house but Kahani says that she will not be going to leave the house and you try to kill me by the hand of Yug and today he hugs in front of you. Iravati says that nobody is going to believe you that I was tried to assassinate you. Kahani is cooking the food on the mud stove and whereas Yug put the money in the bag of Kahani.

Yug is also thinking about her childhood friend with whom he used to play and both were scared of lock and key in childhood. He thinks that what if is Kahani is my growing year’s friend. I need to find out it. Both Kahani and Yug indulge in a fight for a key. Let’s see that Yug is able to find out his childhood friend or what if Kahani is his childhood friend. To know the truth just watch the episode on the Colors channel at 9:00 PM and read all the upcoming updates of the show on our page.

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