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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 7th April 2021 written update: Iravati Plan Has Been Succeeds!


We have back with the written update of the Colors TV serial named “Namak Issk Ka“. The episode begins with Rani as she is in a park and Raunak’s goon notices her and tells him about it. Raunak asks him to keep his focus on Rani. On the other hand, doctors start Kahan’s treatment and try their best. The lady is also praying to God. Yug is thinking about Rani, Kahani, and Lucky. After some time, Kahani comes to her senses and thinks about Rani. First, the goons think to attack her but he didn’t do it. Yug saves her life when she was about to collide with a car.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

Yug asks him to come with him to his house but she refuses to go with him. He holds her hands and takes her to her house. Kahani comes to that lady and asks her why did she let her go to meet Yug. The lady asks her if she loves him or not. She says yes, the lady tells her so let him search for her. If he truly loves her then he will find her soon. Juhi says that she is unable to get it how Kahani leaves the house so easily. Patanga says Yug marry her forcefully maybe she is not wrong.

Yug reaches home with Rani and tells everyone that Rani was about to meet with an accident. He adds, maybe we know about the driver. He also says he wants no one to ask a question to him because if he questions them. They couldn’t be able to give answers. Patang says she has to listen to Saroj as she is a servant of this house. Rani says to Yug that he shouldn’t take her here as she won’t get food. Kahani tells her story to that lady, she gives advice to her.

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Saroj says Ravikant understands her earlier without saying anything. She says he just looked at me and understood what she wants to say to him, But now he didn’t listen to her after saying. Yug asks everyone why they are so harsh with Rani. He says he is doing the thing which his mother taught him. He adds They both can’t go away from each other. Dolly says to Saroja that she thinks who fall down from the terrace was Kahani. You can watch the episode of “Namak Ishq Ka” on Colors at 9 PM. Stay tuned with us.


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