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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 5th March 2021 Written Update Today’s Episode: The Truth Of Kahani Is Finally Out


In the episode of Namak Ishq ka 5th March 2021 with Yug, the viewers will see that Yug will support Kahani and gots angry with everyone that why they do not give food to the children. He says a lot of things to the family members and continues by saying that you all have a problem with Kahani but I do not understand one thing that you hate Kahani I know but what is the fault of the children in it. Why you have done this with children, why you do not give food to them, with this action they can be lost their life. Yug Asks Iravati to answer him. Ronak asks him to get silent but Yug is not getting silent. He asks everyone how they can be so cruel and stone-hearted.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

If Kahani did not bring the food on time her brother might be lost his life. Everyone starts giving the answers to Yug and asks him to throw out Kahani and her siblings from the house. They can not bear a dancer and orphans at their home. Kahani says to everyone that these kids are her responsibilities and they are not orphans so do not dare to do anything wrong with them and then she thanks Yug for taking his side for the first time and asks him to thinks about the fact that all dancers in this world are not bad.

Both the sibling of Kahani tells her that Yug is not that much bad as she thinks. Today he takes her side for the first time, during their conversation Yug enters there and tells Kahani that for the first time he goes against his family only because of her and she became such a big troublemaker for him. They both fell into arguments and starts taunting each other, Yug tells her that the day you left the house I will stop insulting you. Kahani says that you cannot differentiate between lie or truth or the person who is lying or who is speaking the truth that’s why you are not able to see the lie of Ronak and Iravati.

Yug remembers that Kahani was susurration in the hospital about the kidnapping of Rani and Ronak. Yug pulls Ronak to the roof and asks him to speak the truth, was Ronak’s hand behind the kidnapping of Kahani siblings? But Ronak says he did not know anything about the kidnapping of Rani and Lucky. Kahani asks Ronak to tells the truth to Yug, he asks Ronak to swear upon Harsh but Ronak refuses it. But later on, he swears upon his son and his family that he is not a kidnapper and Kahani says that he is lying again. But Yug hangs Ronak and asks him to tell the truth as he feels today that Kahani is right today. Yug finally succeeds in his plan, Ronak tells the truth that he is the only one who kidnapped Rani and Lucky in order to blackmail Kahani to get agreed on his marriage proposal.

Finally, the truth of Kahani is out now it is interesting to watch the next step of Yug but for that, the viewers need to watch the full episode on the Colors channel at 9:00 PM or on the Voot app. The viewers can read all the upcoming updates of the show on our page.

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