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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 5th April 2021 Today’s Episode Written Update: Iravati Made Kahani Puppet


The wait is over and we are back with another update of the show, “Namak Issk Ka” on 5th April 2021. The show is performing well in terms of entertainment and created a separate fan base with its story. The love triangle of this story is seeking the attention of the audience and it’s looking very cute while watching it. So let’s starts the update of today’s episode, The show begins with Yug who is thinking about Kahani and her words and whatever she says to him about the confusion of his feelings for her and Is he have any feeling for her.

Namak Issk Ka

Kahani told her to think about his feelings and Yug tries to not think about her but he sees her everywhere. He visualizes Kahani and screams at her but then Gunjan came there and says Rupa is pregnant and there is a celebration of this in the house. After listening to this Yug feels happy. Whereas Iravati asks her daughter Rupa that why she did not tell this big news to them first and why she tells this news first to Kahani?  In this reply, Rupa says this is not good news for her as what she will tell her baby that his father left them for a dancer?

Rupa continues to say she had not informed anything to Kahani about her pregnancy and she was talking to herself and Kahani heard the pregnancy news. Iravati says ok we understand this thing but then why you stopped her from leaving the house and you know very well we all want her to leave the house and even you also wanted the same thing? Rupa says Raunak always hurt me and also troubles Kahani but she still helped me and I can never remunerate her. In the evening the celebration of Rupa’s pregnancy starts and everyone is enjoying the party and Gunjan says I am very happy today and then Iravati says our happiness had would get doubled if Rupa had not stop Kahani from leaving the house.

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Yug is looking at Kahani while talking to the guests and then he goes near to her and says he did not remember their yesterday conversation. Yug tries to talk to her but she kept ignoring and Yug says she has to listen to him. In this, Kahani says she is not interested in any conversation with him because he ignored her in the morning. It seems like the love story between Kahani and Yug will going to begin soon and to know that the readers need to wait for the next update of the story. Till then the viewers can enjoy the episode of “Namak Issk Ka” on the colors channel at 9:00 PM and keep updated with the other details of your favorite shows with our website.

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