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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 26th February 2021 Written Update Full Today’s Episode: Yug and Kahani Romance Begun!


“Namak Ishq Ka” today episode begins with a great drama in which Kahani will be going to slap Gunjan but when Gunjan tries to hit back Kahani she holds her hand. They both start involving in a catfight. Iravati starts involving in their fight but Kahani slams her back by saying that I am a ticktock bomb. But Iravati told her that I will surely be going to break your tenacious attitude soon.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 25 February 2021 Episode

Kahani shouts at everyone by saying that she is the wife of Yug and he puts sindoor in her maang and she has a right on Yug first nobody can take their right. But instead of taking her side Yug started yelling at her. But Kahani is still fighting for her rights. She accused Yug that you can not do this you can’t be married to another woman I seriously do not believe that you are so weak and you are literally like your brother Rohan.

He was also done the same thing he tries to marry me and hiding the truth that he is already married and even you vigorously put Sindoor in my maang. Everyone is against Kahani. Saroj asked her that if you want money I can give you my entire wealth but in this favor, you need to leave my family and Yug life too. All the family tries to drag Kahani from the house and life of Yug but she strongly says that she will not be going to leave this house at any cost.

Both Kahani and Gunjan are fighting for Yug. Both the women grab each hand by saying that one is saying he is my love and one he is saying he is my husband. Gunjan slams Kahani by saying that you are a greedy woman who only needs money and luxurious life. Firstly you try to marry Ronak and now you are doing all this sindoor drama. Both start accusing each other and frustrated Yug leaves the place.

On the other plot, Yug is driving the car and remembering all the incidents. Yug is sitting in the mandir whereas Kahani is sitting in the Mandir which is built inside the house. She praying and crying and saying that why god everyone thinks that I am greedy. But god you know that I just only come here in search of my parents that’s all I need. Whereas all the family members are worried about Yug. To know the whole story viewers need to watch the full episode on the Colors Channel at 09:00 PM or in Voot app too.

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