We are here with another “Namak Issk Ka” written episode update of 23rd  February  2021. The episode starts with Ronak angrily ask Kahani why did Gunjan is crying. Gunjan exclaims to Yug that he get married to Kahani and proves that you were eager to marry her. Yug tells that as we are married now hence she must stay here. Gujan and Ronak tell Yug if he accepts her completely then they may share a room together. Yug supports Kahani and takes her in his arms and moves to his room.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka 23rd Feb 2021 Written Update

Gunjan goes angry and she threw all the gifts which were given to her by Yug. She even cries a lot meanwhile Saroj comes and she tries to calm Gunjan But her aggression is at the next level. Iravati warns Saroj to stop his son as she can’t see her daughter like this. Saroj says even she doesn’t wanna see Kahani in the house. Gunjan says to Saroj her son broke her trust and heart. Whereas Saroj tries to convince and makes her calm.

Yug is on call and Kahini thinks he is doing her back bitching. Iravati decides to take revenge on Kahani and Yug and she involves in black magic she throws some yellow color on Yug’s photo. On the other side, Kahani and Yug are having a pillow fight and during a pillow fight, both fall and that has romantic eye contact. Both noticed that Yug’s photo has fallen down and Lahani goes to sleep.

Lucky and Rani both enjoys the bed and jumped on n it. Lucky exclaims that the house is amazing but the people here are bad and they always use to trouble Kahani didi. Rani replies she will soon win the heart of family members. And both plans to offer flowers in the morning to everyone. The next morning, Lucky is plucking the flowers and Harsh comes and tries to help Lucky but Roanak comes there and throws the flowers by saying you shouldn’t help him as he is the dancer’s brother.

Ronak blames fake on Lucky. But Lucky tells the truth that Ronak has pushed him as he doesn’t want me to be a friend of Harsh. Iravati tells Harsh doesn’t make him your friend meanwhile Kahani comes and says wow what teaching you have provided to kids. Keep following our site to catch the written episode updates of “Namak Issk Ka” watch the full episode on Colors tv at 11:30 PM Mon-Fri.



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