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Namak Ishq Ka 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug Defends Kahani


The episode begins with the strong bonding between Yug and Khanai. As we have seen in the last episode that Khani has been forced to take blem on herself so that she can save Yug’s life but he gets to know the truth and their relationship takes a beautiful turn. The show enthusiasts are going to see their favorite characters falling in love.

Namak Ishq Ka

On the other side, Gunjan is upset and hurt as she has feelings for Yug but Yug loves Kahani and this makes her cry a lot. She tells Yug that he has been cheated on her. Yug replies to her that you will always be going to be my friend. Gunjan yells at him and says “you aren’t my friend anymore.” Later Yug and Khani sit t have the food ‘but the rest of the family members leave the dining table as they hate Kahani. Amma uses to fetch a plate from the kitchen and she tells Yug to have food on this plate.

Yug gets angry when he gets to know this. Whereas we will see that there will be some of the neighbors who come there, and they use to talk shit about Kahani that “she is a dancer and how can she became your Daughter in law. We didn’t expect it from your family.” Whereas Yug uses to defend her wife and says “no one has given you the right to say anything about my wife. She is an innocent girl and we don’t need to justify that.”

After this, we will be going to witness the romantic moments of the new love birds. On the other side, we will see that dolly fetches food for Baba but he uses to laugh a lot. Then Dolly asks him does he is laughing as Yug and Khani get married. After this, we will see that Irravati tries to be sweet but she uses to do all these things for the sake of her daughters. Kahani says that “we will going to find a good man or Gunjan” but Irravati taunts her. The episode ends here.

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