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Namak Ishq Ka, 25 January 2021, written update: Raunak and Khani Getting Married?


Are you excited? To find out what will be shown on the 25th January 2021 episode of “Namak Ishq Ka”, So, Let’s get the written update of tonight’s episode. The episode brings with Rupa ask you what is going on in his mind? Yug asks her to tell the truth where Rupa says that I’m not hiding anything from you.

Namak Ishq Ka Khani talks about Yug to Rani that he is a nice person. Yug goes to Kahani and starts packing her bag but she says I’m not your toy as whatever and whenever you want to do you are allowed for this. But somehow Yug makes her agree to go with him. And they reached Yug’s house. Iravati says why she is here? Yug replies I bring her here to make her dance at my wedding. Gunjan also questions, why you bring her here? They tell the reason behind bringing her home.

Kahani while dancing is about to hurt herself but Yug saves her. And tells her that he brings her here as he made a promise to Rupa. He tells that he will marry Rony tomorrow. Aand Kahani congratulates him for his wedding and says she will pray for their relation to God. Yug says cuss words to her that you taught to destroy someone’s home and build your own but karma pays back and you will never get married and if someone marries it will just for the name.

Raunak shares to Khani what rupa is thinking? Rupa gives her Chunri to Kahani and Suhhag’s stuff in her hands, which came for rupa’s wedding. Rupa shows her concern for Raunak and says she will pray to God for his happiness. She also mentions that I might have lost my identity and may leave from here. But before going anywhere I would like to do something good for him.

From the bottom of my heart, I want him to stay happy forever. Rupa is feeling hurt and disturbed. But she uses it to keep herself calm and shows fake reactions that hurt her. She tells that I think I was his wife but I was just a  burden for him. It was a lie that I and Raunak are getting married again but the truth is it’s Kahani and Raunak’s wedding. For more such written episode updates keep following our site. Watch the full episode “Namak Ishq Ka” on Colors Tv, at 9:00 PM from Monday to Friday

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