If you have seen Instagram lately you are probably going to see numerous comments stating “Nah He Tweaking” on the post of the people who have a lot of followers. It seems like this is turning out to be pretty strange and many of the people are trying to k ow the reason behind this.

Nah He Tweaking Instagram Comments Meaning

Nah He Tweaking Instagram Comments Meaning

Well, you can literally check out the Instagram page of any company’s official account or you can just see any of the celebrity’s accounts, it is being stated most of the comments have been posted by bots and not actual people. but it seems like the users who are using Instagram are jumping on the trend and even Instagram was not aware of this trend until a company put out a statement as they were describing a glitch and most of the comments were not appearing on the post and there were “Nah He Tweaking” comments all over the internet.

Nah He Tweaking Instagram Comments: What Are Bots?

It has been stated that the Instagram bots are a form of software that is there to act like people, about how people interact with each other, the bot tries to imitate it which is the sole purpose of the bot.

Nah He Tweaking Instagram Comments: How Did It Start? 

The reason behind this trend was a feud that happened between a pro skateboarder in the US naming Tony Hawk and the rapper Lil Nas.

The feud started off as the rapper released his Satan Shoes, the red and black shoes which are devil themes shoes and it is being stated that every shoe contains a drop of blood of a human, and the shoes got completely sold out after they went on sale.

but there has been some heavy criticism which has come in the way of the shoes and then this week Hawk has announced about releasing Liquid death Skateboards which are infused with his own blood and now the rapper is stating, Hawk, is not receiving the same criticism which he received during the shoe release.

It seems like a rap page stated about Hawk releasing his skateboard and Lil Nas X commented on it saying “Nah He Tweaking”.

and this is where this trend has started off from, it seems like this is going to be something that is going to get finished as people get over such stuff pretty quickly.


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