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Naggin 6 3rd April 2022 full episode written update: Interesting twist in show?


Naggin 6 3rd April 2022 full episode written update: Interesting twist in show?: We are here with the written episode update of “Naagin 6” on 3 April 2022, for all the lovers of this most entertaining daily soap. The serial is at the top of the TRP and it has been the most appreciated one among the rest of the serials on the Colors tv channel. The serial is going on so well as the fans’ pages of the serial on social media platforms are the biggest example. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Naagin 6

Naggin 6 3rd April 2022 full episode

You must be getting impatient to grab the written updates of the serial. You will be going to behave a complete episode update here. Promo of the serial is making rounds on the social media platforms, if you haven’t watched it yet, then we are here to brief you about it. Pratha in tonight’s episode will gonna be seen speculating something wrong with her and she will be going to resolve it. But things aren’t easy for her at all. And she must have to take a heap from Mehak.


Other than this we are also going to see that, “Prataha and Rishab” both are in the room and they are talking about their feelings. Rishab asks her whether she is pregnant then Pratah tells him yes. Then he says to her that I know this isn’t my baby. And hee aks her “with whom she has been spent a night with?” Pratha loses her temper and she slaps him so hard. Rishab then laugh at her and she leaves the room.

So this time there are misunderstandings between them. The new Shesh Naagin asking to Pratah about her journey of becoming Shehe Naagin. Then Pratha shouts to her and tells her not to ask any of their questions reading this to her ever again. On the other side, there is the same night in Shesh Naagin’s life and Mehak has planning to bring Pratha near the temple. But it will not gonna be easy for Mehak to take Pratha there. She has to be plan something big to do so. Mehak is planning to make paratha with at the blue mountain as there is a way of executing the plans her.

Shalaka is planning something big and negative for Pratha and in tonight’s episode, you will going to be witnessing everything. Shalak’s intentions are wrong, but Pratha will going to be handling everything very smartly. So don’t forget to watch the full episode only on colors tv.

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