There has been a video that is going viral on the internet on the social media platforms about a girl who is being seen brutally assaulted by a bunch of rapists who have assaulted her multiple times and it has been suggested by many that the girl in the video was the late Lovikali Sumi, who was a resident of Nagaland and a girl who committed suicide in Rajasthan in Jodhpur where she used to work, people are clearly frustrated because of what they have seen and they are showing on the internet that the people who are in the video should be found as soon as possible and should be hanged, it is pretty clear what the people want and it seems like that the case has been come into notice by the authorities.

Nagaland Jodhpur Viral Video

Nagaland Jodhpur Viral Video

According to the reports it has been suggested the woman committed suicide on 23rd May at Jodhpur as she committed suicide in the rented room where she used live, she belonged to the Dimapur district and was originally from Nuiland, she was one of the employees at ‘Naveen Juice Restaurant’ and the post mortem reports have concluded that the case was of naturally committed suicide.

The Jodhpur Suicide Case

Helping hand society helped in providing peace to her as they were the ones who helped in burying the remains of the girl in Jodhpur, the expenses for the burial were done by the IPS officer Robin Hibu and Naveen who was the owner of the restaurant where she used to work in, On Sunday evening she was buried in the New Christian Cemetery at 6:30 pm.

It has been suggested by some of the reports that she has been heard as she was arguing with someone over a phone conversation and then she went on to lock herself in the room after which someone made a call to the authorities as some people were trying to open the door but it was locked and they had to break the door as they found out that she has hanged herself and now the Jodhpur police have reopened the investigation.

In the video, there is also a girl who is removing the clothes of the victim as she is helping therapists to get on with their horrific doings and then the men forcefully put the girl on the bed and then went on to do the most horrific thing that there is and many of the people have contacted the authorities as they think this is the same girl and many of the people are speculating that it is not a suicide, it is murder as they are connecting the suicide to the rape but it has been confirmed by the authorities that the girl in this video is not the same.


  1. Jodhpur case and Bangalore are two different cases actually.
    You have written about jodhpur rape case but posted photos from Bangalore rape case.
    Don’t you think you should clarify the same on the blog as well.
    Your blog is spreading misleading information.

    Kindly do the needful.


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