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Nadia Ntuli accident explained: Why did Drake dedicate the ‘CLB’ album to the dead model?


Who was Nadia Ntuli? Nadia Ntuli accident explained on this page, The new album of the rapping superstar has been released and of course, we are talking about Drake who has come up with his sixth full-length studio album in early Friday morning, the name of the album is Certified Lover Boy and the featured are plenty in the new album including the likes of Lil Baby and Jay-z.

Nadia Ntuli

Nadia Ntuli accident explained

The album is also going to be having guest appearances which include the likes of 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Project Pat, Lil Durk, Goivon, Future, Jay-Z, Young Thug, Yebba, and Ty Dolla $ign. It seems like the album is star-studded and the good relation which the artists have built up in so many years of being in the industry has given him the opportunity to work with so many greats of their particular era.

Drake dedicates CLB album Nadia Ntuli

There has been a message which has been released on Itunes and has been reported by Complex, the Canadian star has called the album a combination of toxic masculinity and also about the acceptance of the truth which seems to be inevitably heartbreaking, the music has been executive produced by Oliver El-Khatib, Noah ’40’ Shebib and Noel Cadastre, he stated the album is dedicated to Mercedes Morr and Nadia Ntuli.

Who was Nadia Ntuli?

As it has been reported previously, the bodies of a 33-year-old Morr whose real name was Janae Gagnier, and also the 34-year-old Kevin Alexander Accorto who was found last Sunday, it is believed that the social media influencer is believed to be the victim of a suicide-murder.

Nadia Ntuli Accident In Dubai

While the death of Gagnier is still under gruesome investigation, it is believed by the police that she got strangled and it has been stated by her sister who is in London, she has stated, she has been killed by her stalker. Only Fans creator and a model Ntuli was killed earlier this year as she was declared dead because of a car accident which she faced in Dubai.

As the album hit the streaming service in early Friday, fans were on their toes and were eagerly waiting for the album prior to its release, the LP was being delayed since 2020 after the artist tore his ACL and was rehabilitated amid the Covid-19 situation. They have gone with a unique marketing strategy, billboards were hanging out in the hometown cities of many of the artists who are featuring in the album which has generated a high level of anticipation for the album.



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