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Naan Sirithal Tamil Movie (WTP) World Television Premiere On Zee Tamil


Naan Sirithal is all set to be premiered on Zee Tamil on the 14th of November as it is going to be the movie’s world television premieres of Naan Sirithal and Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta and is lined up with many amazing shows that are currently televised on the channel.

Naan Sirithal

Naan Sirithal World Television Premiere

Zee Tamil has become the go-to platform if you are interested in Tamil movies and shows and they are truly producing some great content as they are broadcasting and premiering 2 of the best movies of the Tamil industry to provide you with a theater-like experience. The movie’s plot is about a gut who suffers from a disorder of nervous laughter and movie consist of hip hop star Aadhi, KS Ravikumar, Badava Gopi, Ishwarya  Menon and Eruma Saani Vijay playing some very complicated characters as the names are capable of pulling off difficult roles as you will see in the world television premiere of the movie that will be broadcasted on 14th November at 11:00 Am.

The movie is directed by Raana and is being produced by Sundar C, the movie is written by Raana and the movie is an adaptation of Keka Beka Keka Beka, the movie is being narrated by Raana, the cinematography has been done by Vanchinathan and the movie is being edited by Sreejith Sarang.

The movie is about an IT guy who is working in an MNC and he is in love with a girl who is a colleague to her but due to some circumstances he is given an ultimatum of clearing his exams or he will lose the job and then he went on to give the papers and all the stress being accumulated, he got to a point where he started laughing uncontrollably and from there the plot of the movie come into the picture and from then and there the movie is a roller coaster of a ride as you will see how his disorder and stressful life affects his life in so many mysterious ways.

The movie has received a great response from the public already when it got released in the theaters, even the critics praised the concept of the movie and the implementation of the movie has been done amazingly. We are sure that the movie is going to be fun to watch as it is something you don’t see in a regular movie, it is going to be something new to watch and it seems like you can sit with your family in the morning as the lockdown is the best time to enjoy movies on your television so we hope that you watch the movie if you are getting bored as the movie is going to be very funny and that is what is required in these times of quarantine.

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