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Naagin 6, 6th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Pratha New Avtar of Shesh Naagin


Naagin 6, 6th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Pratha New Avtar of Shesh Naagin: Naagin 6 is the most appreciating and highly popular series that has been giving its best to the show and you guys will be going o be so made with this season. At this time the makers of the serial are focused on the plot as well as on the typical love revenge story. This is consist of the love story which is going o be make you all enjoy it with a lot of drama and difficult challenges in the life of the lovers. In tonight’s episode, you guys gonna be enjoy the real face of Pratha. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Naagin 6

Pratha reaches the spot where Mahek is in a problem and she is so helpless that she has to bring out her real face in front of her father-in-law. After which he remained so stunned and shocked that she is a Naggin. And then she uses to tell him, “She knows his real face and truth that how he has been indulged n getting again to the country, your are the evil. But now it’s your end tonight you will not be going to get any chance to even prove or defend yourself. As you are the terrorist and I’m your killer. Will going to kill you tonight it’s your end.”


After this, the man loses his mind and he tells the Speras to continue the music but Pratha use to be hit them all with her tail and yeh man is so shocked to see all these things in front of his eyes. Later she wrapped him too in her tail and says to him, “I’m a worshiper of Shiva, and power of Shesh Naag and today I will going to be killed and you have only a few minutes so start a back counting as you don’t have much time to breath.


Then she use to be attacked at him and she is super angry so she is all set to take away his life. Meanwhile, his son is at the same place and searching for his dad. On the other side, everyone is enjoying it as it’s a wedding night and no family member is aware of what going on in the jungle. Pratha safely protected Mehak by killing that man. Whereas Lalit’s son is so tested as Mayank tells him that, the “life of his dad is in danger.”

And Rishab is unaware of the fact that his dad is a traitor.

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