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Naagin 6, 27th February 2022, Written Update: Pratha Naagin Avtar Revealed


Naagin 6, 27th February 2022, Written Update: Pratha Naagin Avtar Revealed: After watching the interest of our readers we are once again back with the written update of the popular fictional daily soap “Naagin 6” of 27th February 2022. The concept of the show is based on biological warfare, instead of the typical love-revenge of a shape-shifting creature. As usual producer Ekta Kapoor presented a fascinating star cast and different projects in the franchise of Naagin.The viewers are liking the storyline of the show as they can relate the story with the current situation of the world. Talking about the previous episode of the show we watched that professor get to know about the identity of the second demon. Let’s see what next is going to happen. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Naagin 6

Written Update Of “Naagin 6” Of 27th February 2022

The latest promo of the show is giving a glimpse of an entire episode. The promo starts with Seema who is seen accepting Pratha as the bride of Rithesh which is quite shocking for everyone. Everyone gets stunned after hearing the words of Seema as earlier she did not like Pratha and now she is accepting her as the bride of Ritesh. However, at the same time, Rithesh gets happy witnessing the sudden change of mind of Seema.

Not only this being a gentleman he also asks Pratha for her approval for the marriage. Though Pratha gets confused after thinking about the current situation of her family she, later on, agrees to marry Rithesh so that she can take good care of her father and also keep a roof upon their head to stay. Later on, Pratha is discovered in a room beautifully groomed in a beautiful and stunning bridal dress.


Is the decked-up bride Pratha or has Mehak just camouflaged herself as Partha to get close to the next demon? Shesh Naagin is headed to discover out about the man with having a mole in his palm and will it be the end of Lalit as the next demon or do we have to wait for the next fascinating episodes to watch the traitors of the nation breathing their last.


Shesh Naagin Mehek is ready to on a journey to discover all the traitors of the nation who are deceiving the country. It will be interesting to watch will Mehek will be successful in the task given to her by the professor who is trying to save the country or does Sarvashreshth Shesh Naagin has to descend from her deep shuteye in order to save the country from the crooks breeding in the homeland? Stay tuned with getindianews for more latest updates and watch this episode of “Naagin 6” on the colors channel at 08:00 PM.

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