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Naagin 6 1st May 2022 written update full episode: Rishabh attacked by Seema


Naagin 6 1st May 2022 written update full episode: Rishabh attacked by Seema: The episode starts with Pratha as she says to Seema that she knows that she is Maha Asur through the diary and asks how can she tries to kill her son. Seema says that she doesn’t need it and can reveal it to Rishab but he won’t trust her and if she will kill her, she won’t get to know about other Asurs. Pratha says to her that she won’t kill her as their Jodi needs to travel long. The next day, Pratha comes home with Rishabh and other couples. Urvashi asks why they returned so soon. She tells her that Rishabh met with an accident. Pratha mocks Seema. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Naagin 6 Written update

Pratha tells Rishab to take a rest. She goes out and sees Seema who is missing something in Rishabh’s Halwa. She gives it to Rishabh and when he is about to eat her, Pratha stops him saying it has poison. Seema asks is she doubting her. She eats Halwa and asks emotionally how can she suspect her. Rishabh says to Pratha that his mother can’t harm him. He leaves. Seema says to Pratha that she can’t do anything to her even after she feeds poison to Rishabh. She challenges her saying do whatever do want to do.

Mehek questions Pratha about who gave her diary. She tells her that she got it through Angel. Pratha says to Mehek that she has no idea how Seema lived so many years and is still alive.  Mehek sees someone in the diary and tells Pratha that she has seen him somewhere. Here, Seema thinks Pratha can’t learn her real goal. Lalith asks if she tries to kill Rishabh. Seema slaps him and asks him not to do all this drama in front of her. He asks her not to kill him.

Lalith says to Seema that she can’t kill Rishabh as he is their son to which Seema says that her goal is more important to her than relations. There, Mehek and Pratha decide to find out about Seema’s motive. She says that they have to stop Seema from going to the temple. Seema tells Lalith that she is going to kill Rishab and then will go to the temple to fulfill her goal.

The next day, Pratha says sorry to Seema for her behavior. Pratha says to Seema that she will also come to the temple with her. Seema takes them to the temple and Pratha is unable to enter the temple due to Guruda. Pratha says that she will get flowers and asks them to go inside. Pratha tells everything to Mehek. After some time, Pratha finds a way to enter the temple. Seema tells her men to kill Rishabh while Pratha finds Rishabh’s biological mother.

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