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Naagin 6 20th February 2022 Full Episode Written Update


Naagin 6 19th February 2022 full episode written update: The episode starts with Pratha as she comes to Rishab’s house and her footwear gets broken. The workers discuss the pandemic. Chachi takes Pratha from there with her and tells her to apply the nail polish and she is unable to do so. Chachi learns that she is not a makeup artist and asks the security to check her bag as she could be a thief as well. They didn’t get anything in her bag. Pratha says to them that she came for a job and pleads with them for a job. The manager hires her. Here, Rishab is thinking about the paper and searches for it. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Naagin 6

Naagin 6 20th February 2022 Full Episode

The manager tells Pratha to give the drees to Rishab. Mayank calls her but she ignores it. She goes to Rishab’s room and sees Rishab who was shirtless and she turns. He asks her why she came. She says that she came to give the dress to the groom. Rishab says to her that he is the groom. She gives him the dress and leaves. Rishab thinks that where he saw her. Urvashi and her husband come to Seema’s house and Rishab tells them not to believe in snake things. Urvashi’s husband says that Naagin is wandering in the city but doesn’t know where will she enter. Rishab attends the call.


Urvashi’s daughters enter the venue. Rishab’s fiance meets him and attempts to go close to him but he says that they are friends and he can’t come close to her like this. Naagin comes as security head Hina Khanna. Ritesh asks why she didn’t tell them. She says that she works more than words. Later, Rishab sees the handbag of Pratha and says that it’s the same handbag and he doubts her. Ritesh talks with Pratha. Rishab’s fiance questions who is Pratha as Rishab is talking too much about him.


Rishab tells her that she saved them. Gujral says that he is happy and that one of his sons has joined the army. Hina points the gun at Rishab. Nagin fails to get the person who was limping because of the mirror. There, Riya warns the manager to fire Pratha. The manager fires her. Pratha requests him saying that she needs this job. Naagin hears limping sound. Pratha prays to God to save her job.


The assistant manager tells Pratha to go and meet the manager in the outhouse. Everyone dances. Hina comes to the manager’s room and sees he is limping. The manager says that he was waiting for someone but she is also hot. Hina comes to her Naagin avatar and the manager gets shocked. Pratha was also stunned after opening the door. Profession says to Naagin that the traitor is alive, still. Do not forget to watch tonight’s episode of “Naagin 6” on Colors at 8 pm.

Naagin 6 20th February 2022 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with the Manager as he runs from the house seeing Shesh Naagin who follows him. Pratha comes to the room and sees he is missing. She thinks that she lost this job too. Shesh Naagin kills the manager thinking that he was the traitor. Here, the professor thinks that Naagin didn’t find him yet as the traitor’s face does not come to the painting. Naagin comes there and says that she has taken her revenge. Professor tells her that the traitor has only one leg and is still alive. She sees Amrit Manthan. Here, Urvashi removes her husband’s leg.

He says to her that no one knows that he is the one who is helping the enemies of India by spreading pandemics. Pratha thinks Rishab complaints against her that’s why she lost her job and he is Khadoos. Ritesh tells Rishab to get Pratha a job. Rishab makes a call to the manager and tells him why he fired Pratha. The manager tells him that Riya asked him to do so. He asks Riya why she fired him. She says that she doesn’t like when Ritesh flirts with new girls. He makes her get her job. Ritesh gets happy and says to his brother that he will inform Pratha.

Shesh Naagin leaves some small snake in the party to learn who is the traitor. Pratha is waiting for the auto to leave. Rishab tells her to go inside to do her job. Everyone gets scared seeing snakes. Seema asks security in charge how the snakes entered the house. He says to her that the farmhouse is close to our house so they entered the house. Ritesh says to Rishab that he lost the engagement ring. Seema says that they have to call Dhol people. Naagin says that she can help them with her ream.

Here, Naagin adds her poison in the drink and she sends it to Minister. Urvashi stops him. Pratha prepares Haldi and gets worried about Mayank who arrives there and asks her if she has an affair. Urvashi tells Seema about Minister’s behavior last night. Pratha goes to meet Mayank and scolds her. Here, Urvashi is worried about her husband. Naagin attacks Minister who says that Rishab is also his associate in illegal work. Later, Naagin tries to kill Rishab. Watch the full episode of “Naagin 6” tonight at 8 pm on Colors.

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