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Naagin 6 17th April 2022 written update full episode: Pratha Refuses To Go To The Nilgiri mountains


Naagin 6 17th April 2022 written update full episode: Pratha Refuses To Go To The Nilgiri mountains: The episode starts with Urvashi as she arrives at the party along with her daughter. Rehan says to Seema that he invited them. Seema welcomes them. Pratha and Rishab come out wearing masks. She asks her father to bless her so that she will find the 5th Asur. Everyone gives gifts to her. Pratha and Rishab dance together. Rehan promises Reem that she will give a better gift to her. He texts Yash from Pratha’s phone that she needs his help. Sardar makes a promise to the Changistan people that he will ruin India along with the Shesh Naagin’s poison. Yash sees the message and thinks about how it is possible. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Naagin 6

Naagin 6 17th April 2022 written update

Lalith takes Urvashi and dances with her. While dancing they change partners and Pratha goes to Yash. After the dance, Rehan sends out Pratha telling Rishab is calling her. Yash then follows her. Rishab comes up with a cake and asks for Pratha. Rehan and his brother tell him that she has gone to the Garden side. Yash hugs her from her back. She moves him away from herself. Rishab comes there and asks what are they doing there. Yash says to Rishab that she texted him to meet her up. Rehan and Reem come there and talk against Pratha.

Naagin 6 17th April 2022 full episode

Rishab goes to Rehan and slaps him as he tried to ruin Pratha’s image. Reem asks how he gets to know the truth. Sardar comes there and says to him that he told him. Rishab warns Rehan saying that he will kill him if he repeats his mistake. Pratha leaves from there. Sardar then slaps Rehan for going against him. Rehan says that he will show what he can do. Sardar thinks Pratha will find out about the real Naagmani. Pratha remembers how Rishab stood for her. She cuts the cake and feeds him. Reems leaves the place.


Urvashi then follows her. During the night, Pratha sees Rishab on the sofa so she covers him with a blanket. The next day, Rishab wakes Pratha up and tells her to get ready. They both come down after getting ready. Yash says sorry to them for his mistake. Rishab accepts his apology. Rishab tells Seema that they are going out for some work and he leaves with Pratha. Pratha asks him where are they going? He tells her that he wants to give her a gift so they are going for that. He took her to a jewelry shop and asks her to get anything she wants. Pratha then goes to a couple globe and asks if she gets this. Rishab asks if she really wants this leaving diamonds. She agrees. Later, Sardar tells Pratha that he is a traitor and mastermind who is going to add poison to ice.

Here we are back with the written update of the most popular television series Naagin Season 6. Yes, the show has been going on really well and entertaining the audiences very much. As we all know about the craze among people for the Naagin series. It is the sixth season of Naagin which is being appreciated by several people. The previous five seasons of the show were big hits and now, it seems like this season will also become a hit because of its amazing storyline. In the upcoming episode, you will see Pratha’s father who will steal the Naagmani. Let’s check some highlights of the upcoming episode of Naagin.

In the previous week, we have seen Mehak and Pratha who notice a bus that was about to fall into the river. Prathat then thought that it might have poison so she stops the bus from falling into the river by changing herself into Naagin form. The driver of the bus was about to run from there but Mehak caught him. He revealed to Mehak that he got money to do so. Mehak kills him. Pratha then notices that there is no pain in the bus. She heard some kids shouting for help and she saved them. All parents thank her.

They see bubbles are coming out of the water. Pratha jumps into the river and takes the man out of it. Later, the man turns out to be Pratha’s father. Mehak gets happy seeing him. Pratha tells him to wake up. Mehak and Pratha get emotional after seeing their father. Both sisters took her to their home. Seema comes out and questions her. She asks Pratha where was she and whom they brought them. Mehak says that he was in trouble so they saved him. Seema gets angry and says they can bring unknown people to their house.

Pratha stops her and says that he is her teacher who taught her everything. Mehak gets emotional. Rishab tells Pratha to call the doctor. Pratha takes her father to the room with the help of Rehan. Pratha and Mehak get emotional and console each other. Mehak says now they will find the 5th Asur soon. Tonight, you will see Pratha and Mehak will go to Shiv mandir with their father where her father who is the 5th Asur will steal the Naagmani while Pratha will lost in Shiva’s worship. So, do not forget to watch the full episode of “Naagin 6” on Colors at 8 pm

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