Home News Naagin 5 Today’s Episode 23rd January 2021 Written Update Bani New Avtar

Naagin 5 Today’s Episode 23rd January 2021 Written Update Bani New Avtar


We are here with another “Naagin Season 5” written episode update of 23rd January 2021. In the last episode, we have seen that Bani Saw jay near the stairs injured and she asks for him to forgive her. She tried her best to heal his wounds with her magic but nothing happened. Farishta confessed to Bani that he never saw such extreme love ever before. Also, he told that he came here thinking that Naagins are only born to kill Chills, but I was wrong.

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But now I have learned that true love can Change a destiny also.  And he apologizes to Bnai where she said to you can collins your mistake by tacking back your curse for Viranshu. But he refuses by saying that he is unable to do so. She requests Farishta to bring back Veeranshu’s memory but he can’t help. And told her about a war for her. So, the suspense after this will be revealed in tonight’s episode which begins with Farishta says to Bani that your love will definitely be going to win one day and it will become history. Then he leaves for Pari lok which is extremely important for him as he can save his life there only.

Bani gets to know about Aghori’s death who is helping her all along. This makes her frustrated. Jay is the one who kills Aghori Pandit because he knows that the pandit is helping bani and he wants a Bani and Jay separation so he kills the helping hand of Bani. Sapera baba goes to Singhania’s house to tell jay’s truth but he is unable to meet Bani and Jay killed him. Sapera baba makes efforts to save his life by playing Snake Bean. But bani is unaware of the Aghori’s killer. And she tries her best to find out the killer in tonight’s episode.

We will see Bani in the new Avtar today. She takes a new Avtar to teach a lesson to Veer. Veer and Bani have a bike competition which Bani wins and she removes her helmet, Veer calls her name while Bani says no I’m not Bani I’m Rani. It will be exciting to watch that how Bani finds the killer of Sapera Baba. For more such updates keep following our site and don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode Naagin Season 5 on Colors TV, from Saturday to Sunday at 08:00 PM.

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