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Naagin 5, Written Episode Update, 7th February 2021, “Kuch To Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein”, Whom did Bani Give Birth To?


We are here with another “Naagin Season 5” written episode update on 7th February  2021. In the last episode, we have seen that Bani and Jay were involved in the fighting. While the family members were suspected of danger for Veer and Bani. And they involved themselves in worship to bring out of the blue. Meanwhile, Jay kept trying to leashes his plan. But was caught Red-Handed by Meera and her abolishes his plan.

Naagin 5

Veer reached home and noticed that Bani has been unconscious. Later Bani and jay again involved in the fight but this time Veer came to support his wife. Three of them reached Mahadev Temple where Veer killed jay with the Trient a symbol of Lord Shiva. He inserted it into Jay’s body. Veer reminds everything about the love of his life. And both hugged each other. Bani gives birth to a child and dies. Veer also sacrifices his life for Bani.

In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see a new phase of the season. The episode brings with a new love story between an evil spirit and a divine spirit. As per the promo, a boy is a vampire and a girl is a divine spirit, and both fall in love which is unacceptable against nature. Veer and Bani die which brought all the family members into grief. As per the sources, Jay has died but it is yet to be confirmed. And the livelihood of the child will gonna be different and magical.

The actors who choose as the leading character for the upcoming sequel is Harsh Rajput as Vampire and Krishna Mukherjee as Priya, a fairy. There’s a suspense that arising questions in minds of the show enthusiast that, “Whom Bani gives birth either a vampire or a fairy”. Which would be revealed in tonight’s episode. Well according to the sources, Bani gives birth to a fairy as she was the pure soul while Veer being from the “Cheel Clan” has the purest heart.

And perceptions said that “where there is love there is a pack of positivity.” Hence, as per the perception will gonna be a girl child of both the lovers. “Kuch To Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Main” will be filled with supernatural fantasies and thrilling drama. To grab all the suspense watch the full episode on Colors Tv Channel at 8:00 P.M from Saturday to Sunday. For more such updates keep following Getindianwes. 

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