My Hero Academia chapter 350: Dabi’s origin story, release date, and more!: Only a few days left to launch the My Hero Academia. This anime has broken all the records in the anime industry. No one has reached that level. With the last chapter ending on the cusp of Dabi’s villain origin story as the fandom has come to call it, the break has only served to increase the anticipation. Fans were already familiar with the tragic backstory of Toya Todoroki, Horikoshi has disclosed very little of what happened to him after his supposed death at Sekoto Peak. My Hero Academia chapter 350 is expected to answer that. The story will continue from them. Follow More Update On

My Hero Academia chapter 350

My Hero Academia chapter 350 release date and time

The released dates have been announced. We have mentioned the dates of different regions so that the viewers will get it easily when the anime was released according to their regions. The international times are:

  1. Pacific Daylight Time – 8:00 A.M.
  2. Central Daylight Time – 10:00 A.M.
  3. Eastern Daylight Time – 11.00 AM
  4. British Summer Time – 4.00 PM
  5. Central European Summer Time – 5.00 PM
  6. Indian Standard Time – 8.30 PM
  7. Philippine Time – 11.00 PM
  8. Australian Central Daylight Time – 01.30 AM, April 11

The manga of this anime has been officially released on Shonen Jump App. It was free. You don’t have to pay any price. It will sooner hit the cinemas and theatres and on some online platforms.

My Hero Academia chapter 350 Spoiler

Chapter 350 is titled Battle Flame. With the combined force of Fa Jin, Float, and Air Force, Deku rushes across the ocean towards U.A., but due to his inability to employ Blackwhip, he is unable to reach his full speed. He is approached by the second User of OFA, who warns him about exploiting the Second’s quirk, which has become more volatile since being boosted by OFA. Asui is relieved that Deku has departed Okuto Island since he couldn’t bear Toga’s confession. Toga has had it with the heroes and has resolved to do whatever she wants, presumably with Twice’s blood’s assistance. Uraraka responds that she, too, will do what she thinks is best for her. ‘

There is a lot more that we try to do to tell you but as of now, we will tell you only this part. If we start to tell you then this takes two pages to complete and becomes boring for you. So, to make it short we have told you in simpler words. If any updates will come, then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.


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