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My Blogging Journey – Tips and Tricks for Beginners



Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to read. She would stay locked in her room and devour books like there was no tomorrow. That girl grew older, went to college, and ended up becoming an engineer because that’s what society expected of her. Fast forward another few years, and the same girl who loved reading now hates it with every fiber of her being. There just weren’t any books that she found interesting enough to read! But one day, she came across a blog post about how reading had transformed this person’s life in so many ways. ‘Maybe I can give it another shot? Who knows…’ That night, she picked up asiabet8888.com again and began reading from where she left off last time. She rediscovered the pleasure of reading – the feeling was surreal! Now, whenever she has some free time, you can find this girl locked in her room again – only this time not because she has to but because she wants to! If you are also looking for some inspiration when it comes to blogging as well as tips on how to start your blog as a writer or content marketer, keep reading!

Why you should start a blog now and not later?

Blogging is something that you should start right now. The sooner you start, the better it will be for you. Why? Because there will be a lot of benefits of blogging that only come with time. If you start blogging now, you’ll be able to gain from these benefits sooner. Most people don’t start a blog because they feel like they don’t have anything to say. But if you start a blog now, you’ll be able to build up your writing skills as you go. And once you have a few posts published, you’ll feel more confident to write more. You might also be worried that you don’t have the time to blog. But if you start a blog now, you’ll be able to fit it into your schedule as you go. And once you have a few blog posts published, you’ll feel more confident to write more.

What is blogging exactly?

Blogging is an online journal that shares your thoughts and experiences with the world. Blogs can be anything from baby blogs to tech blogs. There are thousands of categories and sub-categories to choose from when it comes to blogging. Blogs are mostly written by individuals or small teams of people who are passionate and want to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. People who are into blogging are called bloggers and they write posts. These posts can vary from how-to posts to reviews or even opinion posts about a particular topic.

6 easy steps to starting your blog

Now that we have discussed what blogging is, let’s look at the 6 easy steps to starting your blog.

Step 1: Pick A Topic – This is the single most important step in the whole process when it comes to starting a blog. You need to pick a topic that you are passionate about, a topic that you want to write about. If you don’t feel passionate about your topic or if you are only doing it for the money, you will fail. You need to be passionate and invested in what you are doing if you want to be successful. If you don’t know where to start, try doing a SWOT analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, outside opportunities, and threats. Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can look for outside opportunities (what is trending right now?) as well as threats (what are your competitors doing?)

Step 2: Create A Blogging Plan – Now that you’ve chosen a topic, you need to create a blogging plan. You need to understand that blogging is a long-term game. You can’t expect people to find you the very next day, or even the next week. Creating a blogging plan will help you stay focused and keep you motivated. It will also help you stay consistent and regular with your blog posts.

Step 3: Pick A Name For Your Blog – The name of your blog is an extremely important factor that can make or break you. You need to pick a name that has two things in mind – it should be interesting enough to make people click on it and it should be easy to remember. The name of your blog is what will bring people to your blog. It’s like a business card for your blog. It’s the first thing that people will see so it needs to be catchy and memorable.

Step 4: Create A Simple Blogging Platform – Now that you have picked a topic and have created a blogging plan, you need to create a simple blogging platform. A blogging platform is a combination of a website and a blog. These are a few easy and free blogging platforms that you can try out. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform around. It’s simple, easy to use, and free. Blogger is another blogging platform that is owned by Google. It is also free to use and has a simple interface. Squarespace is a blogging platform that is perfect if you are looking to create a professional-looking blog as it has tons of amazing templates to choose from.

Step 5: Create Your First Blog Post – Once your blogging platform is set up, you need to create your first blog post. This can be a bit tricky as you need to find that sweet spot between creating an attention-grabbing title and a detailed post. You can try following these tips for creating a great title for your blog post. Posting regular blog posts is important if you want to become successful at blogging. The more frequently you post, the more chances you have of people finding you and reading your content.

Step 6: Promote Your Blog Post – Once you have created your first blog post, you need to promote it. The best way to promote your first blog post is by using paid advertisements. You can use a platform like Facebook or Google Adwords to place an ad and promote your blog post. But don’t stop there. You need to promote your blog post on all your other social media platforms as well. You can even promote your blog post on forums, image boards, and other online communities.

2 small changes to make your blogging experience easier

Once you start blogging, you need to make a few small changes in your writing style and habits. This will make your blogging experience easier and more enjoyable. If you are not sure if you are making these mistakes, read through them again. Mistake

#1: You don’t have a blogging goal – Without a goal in sight, you won’t know when you have achieved success in your blogging journey. If you don’t know what your blogging goal is, start by creating a mission statement for your blog. A mission statement is a one-sentence summary of your blog’s purpose. Once you have that, you can move on to setting goals. Goals are what you need to achieve to fulfill your mission statement. You need to make sure that your goals are SMART. That stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Mistake

#2: You don’t write consistently – Without consistency, you will never reach the readership that you want. You need to write posts regularly. The best way to do that is to create a blogging schedule. Once you have created a blogging schedule, make sure that you follow it regularly. If you miss a post or two, don’t worry about it. But don’t forget to make up for it and write another post for the next scheduled date.

3 tools that will make your blogging life a lot easier

Once you are blogging and have a few posts under your belt, you need to start thinking about using tools. These are three tools that you need to use to make your blogging life a lot easier.

Google Analytics – This is a free tool offered by Google that will help you track all your blog’s analytics. You can use it to track things like your bounce rate, where your readers are coming from, and what posts are the most popular. You can also use it to set up goals for your blog and track your ROI on your blog. –

Grammarly – Grammarly is a free tool that will check your grammar and spelling as you are writing your posts. Most people don’t know that you need to check your grammar and spelling at the time of writing and not after you are done. Grammarly also doubles up as a plagiarism checker. It will let you know if any of the sentences in your post are plagiarised.

Influencers – Once your blog

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