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Muwop Arrested: FBG Duck Killers Arrested in Gold Coast shooting of Chicago rapper


Muwop Arrested: FBG Duck Killers Arrested in Gold Coast shooting of Chicago rapper: The news is coming from Chicago, it has been stated by federal law enforcement that they are charging five Chicago street gang operatives with racketeering in the case of the 2020 Oak Street hit on Carlton Weekly, Muwop Arrested, a popular rapper naming FBG Duck who has been stated to have been shopping for a birthday present for his son, he was cut down in a mob-style attack. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Muwop Arrested

Is Muwop Arrested?

Now the feds are using law first aimed at mobsters in order to prosecute the five, on 4th August 2020, it looked like an old-time outfit attack on Chicago’s Oak Street, it has been stated by the investigators and city officials, he was a gang member whose videos have irked member of the rival gang.

Five of the alleged gang members are standing charged with the killing under the RICO statute which is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, in the year 1970, the law was created in order to dismantle the traditional organized crime, it has been stated by the U.S. Attorney office for the Northern District of Illinois has said that there were five suspects who are the members of the 0-Block street gang.

FBG Duck Killers Arrested

The reason for it being charged federally is because evidence has been established that there was a racketeering enterprise which was involved her and the murder was done in furtherance of that only, this has been stated by John Lausch who is a US attorney, the suspects who have been charged with committing the aid of racketeering are-

  • Charles Liigines, 30
  • Kenneth Robertson, 28
  • Marcus Smart, 22
  • Christopher Thomas, 22
  • Tacorlos Offered, 30

The incident also includes charges of firearm violations and assaults in the aid of racketeering, four of them have been arrested on Wednesday in the morning and they appeared in the court in the afternoon, three of them have been taken into custody near 63rd Street and King Drive, the fourth person was located elsewhere while the fifth person was picked up by the state authorities.

The operation was the result of collaboration between the county, federal state, and local law enforcement, the suspects could face a minimum sentence of life in federal prison. The mother of Carlton has an emotional reaction to the arrest, she stated at the time that justice has been done, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased.

Earlier the murder of popular Chicago rapper FBG Duck draws the attention of the newspaper and makes the headlines. His fans are shattered with the murder of their favorite rapper and worried for the safety of the rapper’s family. In this murder case, a piece of new news is coming in which it is mentioned that 5 alleged members of the O-Block gang have been lodged and charged in the month of August 2020 assassination of a famous rapper. This news is confirmed by a federal racketeering indictment uncertain on Wednesday. Charges were lodged against 5 purported members of the South Side street gang.

The name of these gang members who are arrested in the murder case of the rapper is Marcus “Muwop” Smart, Charles “C-Murda” Liggins, Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, Kenneth “Kenny” Roberson, and Christopher “C Thang” Thomas. On Wednesday, 14th October 2021, Smart, Thomas, Liggins, and Offerd were apprehended and this news is confirmed by the Northern District of Illinois United States Attorney’s office.

Roberson is in the custody of the Cook County Department of Corrections. Carlton Weekly who used to gave performances with the stage name FBG Duck was shot demised and two other people were injured on 4th August 2021 close to the Magnificent Mile. This incident has happened last year when 4 people got out of their cars and opened a shoot on the sidewalk.

In the shooting, a 26-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man who was sitting inside the parked vehicle were also injured in the opened fire. In further addition to charges of committing assassination in aid of racketeering, the purported members of the gang called Jaro City, which is located close to 62nd Street and Vernon Avenue which is in West Woodlawn. But on social media platforms, Weekly recognized himself as a member of a Gangster Disciples faction which is known as STL/EBT, which is in the same area and highly friendly with Jaro City.

Currently, this much information is available regarding this case and more details are expected at a 02:00 PM Press Conference with officials from the FBI Chicago Field Office, Chicago Police, and United States Attorney’s Office. As soon as we find any new information we will update you here till then stay tuned with us and be safe at your home.

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