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Music promotion – guide for dummies


Anyone listening to music has ever thought about how it is produced, how much effort is invested in making it sound for him now. It is possible that he even thought about a career as a musician. He dreamed that the words of a song would come to his mind, he would create a melody for them, record and lay out a track, and then popularity, money and fame would come to him. Huh, if it were that simple, everyone would become popular. And it’s not just about the songwriting and the difficulties of producing it.


Even if a young musician wrote a track that is inimitable, unique, catchy, it is not at all certain that he will become a popular artist. His song may not be heard at all, it may get lost among many other songs of new musicians. By doing nothing but uploading the song to music platforms, letting things go, you are missing out on opportunities and wasting valuable time in your life. Agree, it’s better to do something now for your music promotion than to sit and wait for everything to happen by itself.

Remember, everything is in your hands, you are the smith of your own happiness. Success is achieved by someone who responsibly approaches building a strategy for music promotion, understands the platform on which he uploads songs, follows trends in his style of music, and uses any tools for his promotion. The one who is not afraid to act and postpone everything for later, does not shift the responsibility to others for his success or failure, takes everything into his own hands and acts.

You shouldn’t hope for a miracle, that some producer will notice you and start promoting you, that your song will suddenly take off and become viral, that millions of views will appear out of nowhere. Considering Spotify alone, which has an audience of 350 million users and contains over 70 million songs, you can understand that it is not so easy to gain the attention of such an audience. At least because now there is a problem of dissipation of attention and rapid consumption of information, and the listener only needs a couple of seconds to decide whether he likes the song or not. And this is taking into account the fact that your song will generally fall into the playlist with recommendations for it. There is a huge chance that your song will get lost among the rest of the compositions of other small authors. Therefore, in no case should you neglect the musical promotion on this site.

Summing up, we can say that today the field of music production is very popular and therefore in demand. In this area, you need to develop not only your musical abilities and write unique compositions, but also to promote yourself coolly, because the listener is quite subjective and when he sees a large number of listens, likes, he treats this composition positively in advance. So build a good strategy and conquer the top of the top charts!

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