Hey, get back to the Tv Screens Its time to watch MUS(Medical University Sofia) vs IBCC(Indo-Bulgarian cc). the thriller Cricket match between MUS vs IBCC. it Will be Start at 8:30 pm on 8th September 2020. In this blog, we will tell you all the exciting things which going to happen in today’s Match. Let’s See What will be happening. Are you Excited Like me To watch today’s match? No doubt of course! Because it is the first match of the ‘ECS T10’ tournament. it will matters a lot and its also the beginning of this tournament then its also important to watch the performances of Each player. are they in their Best version?

Indo-Bulgarian CC vs Medical University Sofia

Because this is the first match of the tournament there not any point table yet and not the results of any other team. This Tournament is Conducted by the Dream11. Dream 11 is one of the largest Sports company from India Who Conducts lots of Sports matches Like In the category of Basketball, football, cricket, kabaddi, hockey, etc. the leading Company Dream 11 Now becomes the first Indian Gaming Company which get placed itself in “The Unicorn Club”.

The ECS T10 is the short name of the European cricket Series Bulgaria. This tournament promises to be an exciting event as the teams will compete in a T10 match in which each innings lasts 10 overs. For creating this Tournament More exciting. there is the T10 version announced.

Indo-Bulgarian CC: Shafquat Khan, Rohit Singh, Hristo Lakov, Agagyul Ahamdhel, Gagandeep Singh, Hamid Raza, Prakash Mishra, Swarup Nagraj, Bakhtiar Tahiri, Satish Ramachandran, Sid Kulkarni. These Are the Squad name of Indo-Bulgarian which fight against Medical University Sofia.

Medical University Sofia: Shivang Keshvala, Aarush Sajjad, Kevin Dsouza, Omar Rasool, Bipin Gattapur, Tirth Patel, Nikhil Oliviera, Ishaan De Silva, Albin Jacob, Huzaif Yusuf, Nisarg Shah, Ashbel Nicson, Fawaz Khalid, Nithin Koppula, Gathsara Seekkuge, Delrick Vinu.

This match will be played at the National Sports Academy, at 8:30 pm. The Tournament has been named as ECS T10 the new beginning is Start today Be Aware for every detail. In the previous match there was Rain & due to the rain match get Postponed. But Hopefully, today’s match Will be Played Successfully. So, if you like our update please bookmark our page for more Blog Articles & get updated every time. For any doubt comment below. any Suggestion or query also comment below we will update you as soon as possible.


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