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Murattu Singles 21 March 2021 Today’s Episode: Mothers Special Segments


We are back with the written update of the Star Vijay show named “Murattu Singles”. Murattu Singles is a dating show on which all boys contestants have to impress the girls with their unique talent. The show is going on really well in terms of entertainment. The viewers are impressed with the show as the participants are giving their best performance to entertain the viewers. The show is mainly for the young generation as the concept of the show is about dating and impressing the girls. Today’s episode is going to be Mothers Special Episode.

Murattu Singles

In the latest episode, all mothers of female contestants are coming on the show to support their daughters. So today, the boys have to impress their connection’s mother with talent. The mother of the female contestants are going to ask questions to the boys and they have to answer correctly otherwise they will get punishment, the punishment is that they have to take a shot of bitter drink. Mothers will indicate the boys with the red and green buzzer if they are wrong then they press the red buzzer and if right then green. The episode is going to be very entertaining filled with lots of funny scenes.

At the starting of the episode, the boys will welcome their favourite girl’s mother. The boys are going to work very hard to impress the girl’s mother. The host of the show is going to make the episode more interesting with his comedy and sense of humour. Sam Vishal is going to put lots of efforts to impress Jacquline Lydia. First, Vishal welcomes Jacqline’s mother in a very decent way by taking her blessing. After that, in the question-answer round, Vishal answers Jacqueline’s mother questions in which he gave some rights and wrong as well. Sam Vishal will sing a song to impress Jacquline’s mother.

Like this, all boys will come on the stage and will show their talent to their connection’s mother. The boys are going to do their best to impress their favourite girl’s mother whether they impress her with their dance moves or by singing. Overall, the episode is going to be super fun and emotional as well because the girls are going to share their moments with their mother during this everyone will be seen as emotional. So, don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode of “Murattu Singles” on Star Vijay at 01:30 PM. Stay connected with us.

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