Home News Munich court has ordered Tesla Inc to reimburse customer

Munich court has ordered Tesla Inc to reimburse customer


As recently Tesla is all over the internet because of the ongoing issues with it like the problem with the new launch of electric vehicle semiconductor shortage running late in the projects and many other like Twitter problem and deal and now another problem is in front of Tesla as the Elon Musk is having a bad time these days the world’s richest man Alan musk has been ordered by The Munich court to compensate to the customers the value of 112000 euros which is equal to the sum of $112884.80 as the model XSUV is having a problem in its autopilot function and on Friday the reports are coming that the Tesla is going to pay to the customers with this amount. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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As the technical issue of autopilot is making the use customers bother as the autopilot is not reliable and did not recognize the narrowing of traffic or construction sites and suddenly it activates the brain which causes a sudden push or a sudden stoppage that leads to a hazard inside and outside the car vehicle as this leads to the collusion in city crowded area and roads but opposing to that Tesla official and lawyers argued over declines that autopilot is not designed for city traffic and according to the reports the call said feasible for driving drivers to switch to the future of autopilot is not easy manually it is difficult to change the setting and that is distracting drivers at the time of driving and that would cause inconvenience.

As the court authorities and Tesla officials were not available for any kind of commands on the recent issues but the United States safety regulators and investigation agency reported that the autopilot function of Tesla vehicles has caused a number of incidents of an accident on the road as till now 16 crashes have been reported out of which seven were injured and also an individual has died due to the autopilot function and as the autopilot applies function applies sudden break this leads to a sudden collision between the two vehicles moving ahead of each other.

As Tesla added to the argument that the autopilot vehicle is only capable of breaking and steer automatically the wheel in the lanes as it is only capable of these few features it cannot support full-fledged driving and skills driving and it can only be a basic function like it can maintain the vehicle in the lane and drive at a constant speed as he also added that the Tesla will introduce its latest software system that is a full-fledged self-driving mechanism operating software and it will be launched on a trial basis in Europe after the European regulators of Road transport reason and it is quite difficult to do the self-automated driving in Europe because of the hectic traffic and he told workers to his violin factory at the time that work needs to be done to handle a station that is quite difficult and Europe is a country where roads vary a lot in comparison to other countries.

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