Mulher E Mendigo: Case of woman who cheated on her husband: Some photos and videos of a woman and a beggar are getting viral on social media platforms and receiving much attention from the netizens. Yes, we are talking about the video that has been circulating on the web in which a woman can be seen having s*x with a beggar in a car. The video of the woman and the beggar has been watched by many people who are reacting to this. People have been curiously searching for the whole matter on the internet. Photos of the incident are available on the web. Through this article, we are going to give you some essential details about this viral video so stay tuned. Follow More Update On

Mulher E Mendigo

Mulher E Mendigo

So yes, some photos of a woman and the beggar from Planaltina who had s*x in a car have been surfacing on the internet. Not only photos but also videos of this incident broke out on the web. The video of the beggar and the woman who betrayed her husband has been viewed by many. The incident of the woman who was caught by her husband making physical relations with a beggar inside her car in Planaltina, Distrito Federal is still making rounds on the internet.

The incident also gain attention because the photos of the man after being beaten up, with severe injuries are circulating on the internet, along with the images of the girl and her husband involved in the fact. The woman’s husband is a personal trainer. There are many other photos of the man and the beggar that are getting viral on the internet in which they can be seen intercourse with each other, but we cannot publish them, out of the respect of the family members and readers.

The Code of Ethics of Brazilian Journalism, in chapter VIII, points out that, “the journalist must respect the right to intimacy, privacy, honor and the image of the citizen.” At a nearby police station, the husband reported that his wife had been experiencing psychological issues and she helped the beggar on the date of the incident.

The woman’s husband explained the whole scenario saying that his wife helped the beggar after which she got disappeared suddenly. He was looking for her and when he saw his parked car, he went towards it, at that time, he saw the woman and the beggar having s*x. At that time, he has beaten up the accused as he believed she was being raped. Now, the investigation of the incident is going on seriously. The woman is admitted to a private hospital, while no arrests have been made yet. Stay tuned with us to catch more details about the incident.


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