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MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winner Name: Who won MTV Splitsvilla Season 13?


MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winner Name: Who won MTV Splitsvilla Season 13?: MTV Splitsvilla 13 is the most appreciated show and the youth is so attracted towards the show. The concept of the show is so engaging. MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winner, The show is inspired by an American dating reality show titled “Flavor of Love”. The format of both the shows is the same and only youngsters are seen in the show. this season was also jammed up with a lot of fun, fights, and love just like all the previous years. The host in the show always keeps the environment chilling and this keeps their audience to stay connected to the show.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winner

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winner

  • Jay- Aditi

this season was so chilling and filled with numerous interesting challenges. And the participants were proved themselves to win those challenges. They were even got involved in heated arguments. One of the male participants was sent out from a show due to his misbehave with other contestants. So the host of the show didn’t accept his apology and they decided to end up his game due to his bad behavior and abusive language. He went against the rules of the game and his behavior wasn’t acceptable.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Top 2 Finalists

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Jay- Aditi Winner
2 Shivam- Pallak Runner up

We also enjoyed the love angle in the show and there are couples who get love from each other. The fight among the contestants was also seen for choosing the same partner. But they later sort out the things.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Grand Finale Live Updates

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Grand Finale Winner Episode 2nd October 2021: Finalists, Winner Name, Runner up, Prize Money!


MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winner Name:-

In the last episode, we have seen a battle among the four c contestants including Avantika-Piyush and Shivam-Pallak. There was a battle for the semi-final round and Shivam-Pallak proved themselves in this while another pair was eliminated from the show. They were the first finalists to be entered to the grand finale round.

After this, we saw a battle between the Dhruv- Sapna, and Nikhil- Bhoomika but both the pair were eliminated from the show as they were unable to beat the timings. So now the show has two finalists  Jay- Aditi and Shivam- Pallak. They will be seen in the grand finale. So as per the social media and the fans, Jay and Aditi might be going to behold a trophy in their hand.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Runner Up Name:-

The runner-up of the show might be going to be Shivam – Pallak. They proved themselves in the battle round and their performance made the host of the show happy.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Prize Money:-

We didn’t have any related information about the exact prize money amount. But it is sure that the winner will definitely get a cash prize.

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