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MTV Splitsvilla 13 3rd July 2021 Episode: Kat and Kavin Become Winners Couple Goals Task & No Elimination This Week!


qThe most sensational and youth favorite dating-based reality show “Splitsvilla 13” is ready with a brand new episode on 3rd July 2021. The viewers are super excited to watch their favorite Spltisvillian tough competition and their dirty fights in order to save themselves from elimination. The show has already created a sensation amongst the audiences and ruling over in terms of TRP ratings. As the day passes the competition is getting tougher and even the contestants are also showing their potential. The show reaches near to its finale and now only a few Splitsvillians are left in the Villa. Just like the previous task, the forthcoming task is also going to be super excited to watch.

MTV Splitsvilla 13

MTV Splitsvilla 13

Avantika and Samarth won the last task and now it is fascinating to watch that who will be going to win the upcoming task. In the upcoming episode, the audience will see a new challenge along with a dome session. The promo of the show is already flaunting on the internet which is grabbing the attention of the viewers. In the promo, we can see the split between Shivam and his other groupmates.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 3rd July 2021 Episode Highlights

  • Welcome In Most Dramatic of MTV Splitvilla, you will get every moment In this episode, Let’s Begins with Dome Session, Everyone Gussing In the Last Episode, Immunity Task Winner, Avantika and Samarthya will go In Front of Oracle and become Ideal match or compatible match, But Avantika and Travon Change the Game along with their friends.
  • Most of MTV Splitvilla 13 Contestants Pick Avantika and Travon To Go In Front of Oracle For Chech Compatibility, and Guess What Happens? Avantika and Travon Become the First Compatibility of the MTV Splitvilla 13, They Get One Power, They Can be Sent One couple From Golden Villa To Silver Villa Expect Ideal Matches, as we know Sapna and Dhuruv are Good Friends of Travon and Avantika.
  • So, One More Twist Coming on the way, The Golden opportunity Task winner Jay and Aditi Team and They Get’s One Power To Save One Couple or Dump One Couple, So They Use Brain and Saved Nikhil and Bhoomika, They Changed The Game and Finally from Dhruv or Sapna have to Go In the Silver villa, with Mutully decision Dhruv Sacrificed and Returns In the Silver villa, Because There is No Choice For Travon and Avantika.
  • There Is No Elimination Because Aditi and Jay Get Elimination Power, and They Didn’t Eliminate Anyone and Saved Nikhil and Bhoomika, But The Game Has Been Changed.
  • In Next Morning The Task Happens In Between Ideal Match Team, Kat-Kavin Team Vs Aditi-Jay Team, This Task Entertain You at Next Leval with High Intercity of The Task, Aditi-Jay Girls Performed Very Well and Win with 4-0, But Aditi-Jay Team Boys didn’t Perform well and Spoiled The Girls Hard Work.
  • Kat-Kavin Team Boys Performed Well and Win with 5-0 against Aditi-Jay Team Boys, In The Last The Score has been Laveled and Give 3 Penalty Shoot To Both Team, In This Kat-Kavin Team Boys Win the Penalty Shoot with 2-0, The Star Performer was Garry, He scored the most goals.
  • No Elimination This Week


On the other side, the female contestants will also indulge in a fight during the task performance. In another promo, all the Splitsvillians are sitting in a room and discussing Avantika, how she behaves with Boys, and talks about them. Will the whole Villa go against Avantika? It is interesting to watch how things will going to happen in Villa now. In the upcoming task, the two teams will be going to perform as on the one hand, we have a team KatVin and another side, JayAditi.

The name of the challenge is “Couple Goals” in which both the teams will be aggressively playing in order to win the challenge. The audiences will see the blame games during the task as no one wants to leave the show at this point in time. As per the reports, the team KatVin will be going to win this task and will surely gain the advantage in the dome session.

In the dome session, the contestants make allegations about each other and it is interesting to watch who will be going to eliminate this week. So do not forget to watch this episode of “Splitsvilla 13” on the MTV Channel at 7:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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