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MTV Splitsvilla 13 31 July 2021 Episode: Sapna-Dhruv Become Ideal Match, Samarthya Gupta Eliminated and Join WildVilla!


Splitsvilla 13 is at its sneak peek and the reality show is miserly and highly cherished or logged by the youngsters, The concept of the show is engaging and attractive. The show is keeping the audience and their viewers hooked with the show. Tonight we will go to see a golden connection challenge. Whereas there will be dumping also. So read the article and grab all the updates of the upcoming episode.

MTV Splitsvilla 13

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Elimination

  • Samarthya Gupta

Here are the name of the contestants this will be seen in the show playing super amazing including Kat Kristian, Kevin Almasifar, Nikita Bhamidipati, Samarthya Gupta, Trevon Dias, Aarushi Chib, Sapna Malik, Dhruv Malik, Aditi Rajput, Jay Dudhane, Nikhil Malik, Shivam Sharma, Palak Yadav, and Bhoomika Vasishth. There was a challenge named Pyaar Maar or Kalakar, in which we have seen that the contentions were put all the efforts to win the challenge.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 30 July Episode Highlights

  • We are Gonna Talk About MTV Splitsvilla 13 31st July 2021 Episode 22 Dome Session and Elimination and Big Highlights of MTV Splitsvilla 13 Today’s Episode, The Golden Villa And Silver Villa Concept have been going to Finish.
  • Now MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestants have to Win the Task For Survive In The MTV Splitsvilla 13 Otherwise You have to be an Ideal Match, There is Only 3 Seat’s for Ideal Matches, 2 Couple’s Already Become Ideal Match’s, Let’s See Which Couple will Become 3rd Ideal Match.
  • The Commission has been rising Day by Day For Ideal Matchs, In This Week Four Couple Performed For Ideal Match, Here’s is Four Couple’s Name, Shivam-Pallak, Travon-Arushi, Nikita-Samarthya, Sapna-Dhruv, This Week Task Seem’s Like Very Interesting and You will be Definitely Loved It.
  • So Now You Might Be Curious About MTV Splitsvilla 13 This Week Task Winner Name’s, So Don’t Worry Here’s You can Find it, Sapna-Dhruv and Shivam-Pallak Become Winners Of This Week Golden opportunity Task.
  • This Week Dome Session Intencity was Lit and Power Packed Because The Game has become’s Interesting’s and come to Ends, The Fight Between Sapna-Dhruv and Shivam-Pallak For IDeal Match, Most of MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contatsants Wrote Sapna-Dhruv Name For Go In Front of Oracle For Ideal Match.
  • Sapna-Dhruv are Waiting for these Moment’s earlier and Now the Moment’s has come, and Sapna-Dhruv and Become 3rd Ideal Match, Yes You Heard Right, Sapna-Dhruv Become Ideal Match.
  • Nikhil-Bhoomika, Nikita-Samarthya Shifted In Silver Villa as Ranvijay Announced That’s All Couples has to Perform task To Survive In MTV Splitsvilla 13.
  • Nikita-Samarthya, Nikhil-Bhoomika, Travon-Arushi These 3 Couple’s are In Danger, Kat-Kavin Get’s Chance To Save One Contatsant So They Saved Nikita, Aditi-Jay also gets one opportunity But Ranvijay Bring Another twist Ideal Match Sapna-Dhruv has to guess Aditi-Jay wrote which Constanta name In their Cue Card.
  • Sapna-Dhruv Thinks Aditi-Jay Might Be Wrote Arushi Name’s For Elimination But, They Failed To Guess The Aditi-Jay Cue Card Name, Aditi-Jay Wrote Samartya Name SoSamarthya Gupta has been eliminated and Join Wild Villa.

So we can say that the competition is becoming tougher day after day. The challenge was won by team Aditri whereas in the boys the challenge was won by the team Dhruv. So in tonight’s episode, we will go to see them playing and putting effort to win the Golden Connection Challenge. We will be going to see four pairs in the challenge including Aarushi-Trevon, Nikita-Samarthya, Dhruv-Sapna, and Shivam-Pollak. So, let us tell you that the task will go to win the challenges are Shiavam and Pallak.

In the previous episode, we have seen that the couple Pallavi and Shivan is the one who saved in the dome session. Whilst the Boombam Team tried to confess the duo to perform their best. As they were felting that the sources of Golden Villa will not be going to save them. And they proved themselves and won the challenge. So here are some Yankees who are in danger including Aarushi, Trevon, Samarthya, and Nikita.

Name lurking in the danger who might get dumped night. He is none other than Samarthay will be going to face dumped. We will also go to see that the two best friends are going to be involved in a heated argument. Bhumika feels like that his friend si plaything with a sympathy card but the truth is something else. But he tells her ti to be shut up and don’t act innocent. Later Plalk clears that she didn’t playing any sympathy cards so don’t use these words for me.

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  1. Everytym katwin group wins or get power still one of them have to leave ..With rubbish twist and turns from Ranvijay …

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    Bakwas . .twists


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