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MTV Splitsvilla 13 28th August 2021 Episode: Task Winner Name & Elimination Updates!


The most well-liked show which already makes its place in the heart of the watchers and is ready to kick start the weekend with the next episode of the dating-based show. Yes, your assumption is right we are talking about the famous reality show “MTV Splitsvilla 13” which is back with its 26th episode on 28th August 2021 for the amusement of the audience. The show is moving towards its finale and this weekend episode is more important for the contestants as the show will decide the semi-finalists of this season who will be going to compete in the finale episode. One pair will be capped as the ideal match whereas one contestant will be in the dumping zone.

MTV Splitsvilla 13

MTV Splitsvilla 13 28th August 2021 Episode Highlights

  • The popular youth-based dating show “Splitsvilla 13” is quite popular amongst the fans and now the show is moving towards its finale. Today’s episode of the show is quite fascinating to watch and in this article, we are talking about the task winners of the 24th episode.
  • What kind of fights and highlights we watched in this episode. Let’s start with the details of the episode, as the viewers watched the name of the task is “Risky Disky”.
  • This task is performed by four couples of which two were the ideal matches and two were a couple of Silver villa. In the task, the contestants needed to pass the frizz bizz in which some statements were written on it, and then the contestants need to find out that the statement was true or false. Two boxes were made in which True or False had written.
  • After hearing the statement the contestants needed to put that frizz bizz in that boxes. Kat and Kevin performed poorly and Nikhil and Bhoomika won the task by a big margin by collecting 14 frizz bizz.
  • In the second round “Let’s Do It Gang” won the task which means the winner of the task was Sapna And Dhruv. First-round was won by “Boombam Gang” and the second round was won by “Let’s Do It, Gang”. Apart from the task the viewers also watched the ugly fight of the contestants.

So let’s begin the written update of the upcoming episode of MTV S13, Shivam’s skulduggery turn amiss as he tried to wear the name of Kat in his foot to incite Kevin. The annoyance gestures to the redemption of Kevin is his first-ever moment in Silver Villa. Though, all the spotlight falls on the wildcard entries of the four contestants this week in the show. The main highlights of this weekend are given below:-

Task Highlights of 26th Episode Of Splitsvilla 13

In the last episode, the villa got its another ideal match and the pair who became the ideal match is Pallak And Shivam. The name of the challenge is also quite fascinating “Whiskey Disky”. The four pairs that will be ready to compete in this task are:-

  • Sapna And Dhruv
  • Aditi And Jay
  • Bhoomika And Nikhil
  • Kevin And Kat

Now Pallak and Shivam successfully take entry in the Golden Villa, the new ideal match is not going to perform this task. Talking about the task, this is a duo task in which the female contestants are left swinging while they have to grasp the discs. Now it is the right time for Kevin to prove his place in the villa. As now the show is very near to its finale and keeping this thing in mind the tasks are not going to be easy to perform and the couples need to show their spirit of winning.

Apart from the task, the viewers will again see another heated argument and a verbal spat of the contestants. In this task, Shivam and Dhruv will be fighting and later Dhruv pushes Shivam. Things are turning away difficult in the villa and the things are also not better for the gang’s “Let’s do it”. The issues of Sapna with the Kevin team are clearly visible which creates issues in the villa. Though, the “Boombam Gang” made their good place in the Golden Villa and already shows their winning spirit.

The result of the task will update soon but as per the sources, the first pair who will be entering the semi-finals are Kevin and Kat. The single-elimination will be seen in the next dome session, till then stay tuned with us and watch this episode of “Splitsvilla 13” on the MTV channel at 7:00 PM.

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