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MTV Splitsvilla 13 26th June 2021 Episode: Avantika and Samarthya Winners of Immunity Task, Elimination Updates!


Hey readers, are you excited to know the written update of the most lovable and spectacular dating-based reality show “Splitsvilla 13”. The show is back with its 17th episode to mesmerize its fans with another fascinating task and the elimination. In the upcoming episode, the viewers will watch the nasty fight of the Splitsvillan amongst them and how they will going to give tough competition to each other in order to win the tasks and save themselves from elimination. Each contestant wants to see him or herself as the winner of the show and for that, they are doing all the possible things.

MTV Splitsvilla 13

MTV Splitsvilla 13

With each coming episode, the competition is now getting harder and Splitsvillians has to manage the new strategy in order to win the task and make their space in the Villa. After watching an intense strategic fight between the two teams in the last task “Hum App Ke Hai Kon” the viewers can expect another flaming battle amongst SPlitsvillians¬†and the next task is also quite interesting to watch. Apart from these, the catfight of the contestants will also grab the attention of the viewers.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 26th June 2021 Episode Highlights

  • This week episode starts with last week task result as we know there was a task that happened in the last episode but the results not announced, in this episode, In the beginning, Splitvillains get scroll in this scroll they get the result of the task that is three girls, Avantika, Arushi, Bhoomika.
  • As Result’s, this three girl will perform another task but they has to choose one partner to each girl’s, Bhoomika already in the gold villa so she chooses Nikhil, and boys are trying to convince Arushi and Avantika for choosing them for task performance.
  • These three girls get a chance to go on date for choosing one boy for the task, boys have to impress a girl that can she will give chance them, so the date of Avantika and Nikhil was so romantic and charming and Bhoomika also kissed Nikhil as well.
  • Arushi choose Travon and Avantika choose Samarthya, Avantika also approached Garry but he didn’t want to perform with Avantika, The one more big fight that happened between Avantika and Nikita Because Samarthya is Connection of Nikita and Avantika and Nikita are Good Friends, Nikhila don’t want Avantik and Samarthya Become Ideal Match, so Final pair is Bhoomika and Nikhil, Arushi and Travon, Avantika and Samarthya.
  • After the date, the big clash happens between Bhoomika and Pallak because Bhoomika Kissed Nikhil On Date, As we already know Pallak and Nikhil shared a connection bond and Pallak feels so insecure or maybe possessive.
  • In the morning, Splitvilla contestants reached task location, the three pair going to perform the task that is Bhoomika and Nikhil, Arushi and Travon, Avantika and Samarthya, they have to severe Ideal match and Impress them, there is a new twist this time because the result will be going to decided by local of karela, and he declared Avantika and Samarthya are the Winners of the Task.
  • No Elimination This week

In this upcoming challenge, the viewers will see a lot of fun and frolic of Splitsvillians, and how they perform the task is quite fascinating to watch. The Silver Villa contestants will perform the tasks in which they served the food to ideal matches but this task is not going to be easy as the servers need to go through the obstacles in order to reach their destination. During the task, one contestant flirts with another contestant but her connection does not like it.¬†All the participants give their 100 % in order to win the task, let’ see who is going to win this task.

In this task, the duo Samarthya and Avantika and Trevon and Arushi will perform the task and they need to serve a seven-course meal to the ideal matches of the villa such as Jay and Aditi or Kevin and Kat. The performers need to go through the 7 circles of hells. During crossing the obstacles if any meal fall of that meal will not count. In this task, Bhoomika and Nikhil will become the judges for this task and need to keep an eye on the pairs.

In the last, Avantika and Samarthya would come out as a winning pair after defeating Arushi and Trevon. The latest winners Avantika, Arushi, and Bhoomika have the opportunity to dump any male Splitsvillians in the upcoming dome session, hence the males will going to impress the girls. Watch this latest episode of “Splistvilla 13” on MTV India at 7:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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