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MTV Splitsvilla 13 24 April 2021 Today’s Episode: Kavin and Kat Are The First Ideal Match, Aditi and Jay Eliminated?


This season of splitsville is jammed up with love angels, love is in the sir as we can see it clearly. The breaking news of the upcoming season is the show has got its first ideal match this soon. At the most awaited dome session, love is knocking and the heart of the splistviliains. In the last episode, we have seen the splitsvillains were announced with the “Dil Bdalu” task which was won by Dhruv and Sapna thus, in the forthcoming episode we will see Katvin will confront the Oracle.

MTV Splitsvilla 13

MTV Splitsvilla 24 April 2021

While on the upcoming episode we will gonna enjoys a most awaited moment of the show in which Kat and Kavin will be announced as the first ideal match of the show. There are other two couples who are in the queue of trying their luck in front of the oracle, Vyomesh-Bhoomka nad Nikhil-Pallak, but they aren’t that lucky and ready to try their luck again next time. When they got to know that isn’t an ideal match this makes them upset and sad.

Kat and Kevin have a strong bond and they even feel for each other while on the last episode we have seen their chemistry was amazing and both use to express their feeling to reach other, it will be going to be interesting to watch them together and how will they rule on the other splistvillains and they might get rooted into a couple. Now they get some special powers as they are the ideal match, to know their powers we have to watch the full episode.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 23 April 2021 – Immunity Task Winner Names:

  • Sapna
  • Dhruv

The most beloved hist Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone are making you guys entertain nonstop, while Sunny will keep the audience trap in her cuteness and Rannvijay will bash on boys in tonight’s episode for their fights in the villa. We will also be going to witness some of the splitsvillains get emotional and they are feeling helpless while some are involved in the heated arguments which might lead to pushing each other but Rannvijay is there to sort the things.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 24 April 2021 Elimination and Dome Session

There is a lot of Drama Happens In Dome Session, Splitvilla Lovers can be relate about the Intencity of MTV Splitsvilla 13 Dome Session, Because Dome Session Is Main Part of the Show, The Big Happens In Between Nikhil, Jay Shivam Vs Kavin Vyomesh, You can see a lot of Verbal Fights Heated Arguments In Between Contestants, Most of Contatsnats Choose This Time Kavin and Kat Should In Front of Oracle This Week For Ideal Match.

On The Other hand, Vyomesh and Arushi Fighting For Ideal Match, After Dhruv and Sapna Win Immunity Task and Get In Oppocurnity, They are Saved From Elimination, Vyomesh and Arushi In Golden Villa along with Nikhil and Avantika, Kavin and Kat all are Saved From Elimination, But Ideal Match Contatsants can Change The Game.

Everybody knows Kavina and Kat about Chemistry and audience also Loving Kat and Kavin Bond On Screen, Ranvijay Asked Unsafe Contestants To Wrote One Couple Name Whom they want to go In Front of Oracle In Between Vyomesh, Arushi vs Kavin, Kat, There is a lot Fight Happens On This Topic But In The End, Kavin and Kat Selected By Other Contestants.

Kavin and Kat Become First Ideal Match as Oracle Told Them, rest of Contatsnats congratulated Them Form Ideal Match, Now It’s Time For Elimination, Kavin and Kat Wrote Jay and Aditi Name of Card Fro Elimination, But Ranvijay Gives One Power To Nikhil and Avnatika as They are also In Gold Villa, at the same time when Kat and Kavin Wrote Jay and Aditi Name’s.

Ideal Match Kavin and Kat Elimted Jay and Aditi But There is the twist, Nikhil and Avantika Wrote Jay and Aditi name to Save from Elimination, So it’s Means no body is not Going Home as Nikhil Saved Jay and Aditi From Elimiation.

If we assume the advantages of the ideal couple then they might have powers to save their favorite couple. This might lead to change in the whole game and the upcoming tasks. To grab the advantage of the task the ideal match must have a great equation to lead. It will gonna be interesting to watch who will they gonna dump into the dump session. Till then stay glued to us for the updates.


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