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MTV Splitsvilla 13 13th March 2021 Second Episode: Task Winner Ideal Matches Or Elimination Contestants Updates!


Let’s catch-all written episode update on “Splitsvilla 13”. The show is gonna be glamourous as it has all the beautiful girls in the show. The show is engaging as it has a unique and lucrative concept. There are a group of girls and boys in the show and they later paired up according to their interest. While some of them have become a couple and fall in love. Other than this there is a format of ideal match.

MTV Splitsvilla 13

MTV Splitsvilla 13 13th March 2021 Episode

This match has some of the opportunities to play the game smoothly. While to prove that the couple is an ideal match Organ gonna tell them whether they are an ideal match or not. While the host Suuny Leony is looking flawless in the show tonight and the male hist Ranvijay is looking handsome. Both are the glamour of the show. The female contestant entered the boat and this something unique.

While they are announced with an interesting challenge. Which is played by the participants gracefully so, that they can impress everyone in the first meeting and make their spots in everyone’s heart. Whereas boys started to impress the girls at the first meeting. One of the participants already decides to propose to a beautiful girl in the show. Not only this we will also go to see a catfight. The girls seem as feisty as others.

Kat Kristian is the first participant who introduces herself. Riya Kishanchandani has also introduced herself and impress everyone. Aditi is the last one who introduces herself and receives a big round of applause. While Bhoomika is the one who seems bold and gutsy amongst all. All the female participants are gorgeous and stunning in this season.

The task they are announced with is Loveholic in which boys seem to impress the girls by showing off their bodies and physic. While girls have to show arrows to their choice. Arushi gets impressed with a stud Vyomesh Koul. Bhoomika on the other side has also chosen Vyomesh and give him a golden arrow. Riya uses a golden arrow for Nikhil Malik.

In Today’s Episode, You Can See A lot of Fun and Uproars In Between Contestants On First of The Splitsville, Sunny Leone, and Ranvijay Announces Some Funny Task, At The End, Vyomesh Koul. Bhoomika Win the Task and Get a Chance To Go Infront of Oracal, Vyomesh Koul also Betrayed Arusi Chib On the First Day.

Arshi Chib is Such A Sweet and Cute Girl of The Splitsvilla Rooting For Vyomesh Koul, She Likes Old Skool Guys and Vyomesh Koul Is One of Them, Then She Started Feels For Vyomesh Koul and On First ay Vyomesh Koul Gives Beneficial Replay For Him To Arushi Chib, Arishi Crying and Feeling Bad.

On The Other Hand, Big Fight Happened In Between Kavin Vs Shivam Sharma, The Debate Starts Because Vyomesh Koul Arusi Chib and Shivam Sharma Stand For Her, Kavin Supporting Vyomesh Koul So He Stands For Him, The Debate Become Into a Physical Argument, Shivam Sharma threatened Kavin He is Slap Him, Ranvijay Grilled Both of Them For There Actions.

According To The Sources, Vyomesh Koul and Bhoomika Will Go In Front of Oracle and But They Didn’t Become First Ideal Match, So No Body is Not Going to Eliminate This Week, In This Season Ideal Match Face To Twist of Gold and Silver Villa Theme, So We Can Say There Are More Fun and Entertainment In This Season. Don’t forget to watch the full episode on MTV at 7:00 Pm.


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