The most popular show on MTV named Roadies Resolution is very close to its finale episode. Roadies Revolution finale is held on this Saturday at 7:00 pm on MTV. Roadies Revolution Finale is going to be very thrilling and entertaining. Last week, we get our 3 finalists of this season who will perform in the finale task. The 3 finalists are Hamid Barkzi, Jayant Yadav, Michael. The finale tasks are divided into three parts. Michael will be seen to try hard to win the title of Roadies. Hamid Barqzi is the first finalist of this season.

MTV Roadies Revolution Leaked Winner Name 2021: Who Win The MTV Roadies with Prize Money and Runner Up

MTV Roadies Revolution Leaked Winner Name 2021

MTV Roadies Revolution Winner Hamid Barkzi

Hamid Barkzi

Roadies Resolution is the 18th season of the MTV Roadies, which aired on MTV. Ranvijay Singh is the host of the show. Raftar, Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa are the leaders of the gang. In this season, Raftar had left the show in the middle for his upcoming album. Varun Sood joins the Roadies as a leader as the replacement of Raftar. But after some time, he was also tested Covid-19 positive. So, he also leaves the show for some time. This time, Prince Narula’s gang member is not in the finale.

In this season, Leaders are instructed to collect the stars those leaders collect more stars, only their gang will move to the next level. MTV Roadies is the youth show, most of the youth get encouraged by this show. MTV Roadies comes every year. The audition for this show is held in every city. Most of the youth showcase their talent to the leaders if they select in the audition, they join the roadies journey. Most of the contestants of this show get popularity from this show. MTV Roadies is one of those shows which directs the path to their contestants to do something big in their life.

Prince Narula is one of those contestants who come in the audition of the show. He got selected and after he joins the roadies journey. He gave his best in every round. He became the finalist of the show. After Roadies, He becomes a celebrity, And he is the leader in that show. Every year, new contestants come into the show and struggle hard to keep their place in the show till the end. Contestants give their best in the show. Varun Sood is also one of those contest who comes to the show as a contestant. And this season he came as a gang leader.

In the previous seasons, Gang leaders chose their members by their talent and strength. And then they would join the roadies journey. Gang leaders decide who would perform the task. But, in this season, there is no gang leader nor gang. In this season, 20 contestants join the roadies journey in which 12 were males and 8 were females. The contestants were gone solo to fight in the task during their roadies journey from the beginning. This time, the show was going so long, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After six episodes, the show was postponed till June. The show continued from June 7. 2020.

The first time, the show streamed on Voot before 24 hours, only for those who are Voot subscribers. This time, the auditions happened live on the social media platform, During the Lockdown period. One of the contestants got a chance to join the roadies journey. Roadies Resolution Season 18 is going very interesting as all seasons. This time also contestants have performed their tasks with pure loyalty and strength.

In last week, the last semi-final task happened. The ex-contestant of this season Aarushi Chawla and Aman re-enter the show. And they got a chance to perform in the semi-finale tasks. In the task, Aarushi Chawla gave her best to return to the game and to become a finalist. But, in the last, she lost in the semi-finale task. Jayant and Michael become the 2nd and 3rd finalists. All contestants gave their best to reach the finale task. But, As everyone knows, at last, only one contestant will become a roadie.

This Saturday, we will get to know that who will become the roadie of MTV Roadies Resolution Season 18. All three contestants are well deserving to win the show. They Struggle very much throughout the journey. They have been performed their tasks with dedication. As you know, only those who give their level best performance in the finale task will become a roadie of season 18. The finale episode is going to be very amazing and exciting. The prediction is that Hamid Barkji will be the winner of the Roadies Resolution. Don’t forget to watch MTV Roadies Resolution on MTV, Saturday at 7:00 pm. Stay tuned with us for more interesting updates.


  1. Arushi did not have a chance to the finale even if she wins. She had the opportunity to only not let poonam to the finale by defeating her. Atleast get your facts right in these small useless matters for public


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