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Msizi Nkosi Car Accident: Former Ukhozi FM producer Msizi Nkosi Died In Car Crash Video Scene Explained!


There has been a sad demise of Msizi Nkosi who has passed away tragically because of a car accident, he was the celebrated author of the novel ‘ I’m a different mess than I was yesterday. It seems like the author of the best selling novel has died due to a car accident, it has been stated by his family on social media, the 34-year-old who is the former Ukhozi FM’s producer has died on 15th August on Sunday after he became a victim of a car accident and lost his life.

Msizi Nkosi Car Accident

Msizi Nkosi Car Accident Video Scene

He was one of the most successful producers, has also been stated by Phil Mphela who is a commentator, and also Kuli Roberts who is a media personality has also confirmed the passing of Nkosi on Twitter. the novel became a bestseller, the novel was all about his life and especially about his childhood which was a trouble for him because of drugs, alcohol, and sex. He became one of the most successful radios and TV producers and he did this even his childhood was filled with unglamorous scenarios.

Msizi Nkosi Car Accident Msizi Nkosi Car AccidentMsizi Nkosi Car Accident

He was in the headlines in the year 2016 when the radio station made him leave the door as he was not focusing on the duties for which he was there working for the radio station in the first place and it is being alleged, he was focusing on promoting his book rather than fulfilling his duties for the radio station. At the time there was a statement which was given by the spokesperson of SABC, he was pretty careless with the work and he was thinking that his book is bigger and more important than the station.

He was a freelancer at the station and when the terms of the content are being met, the contract can be canceled by the station, he stated it was not a mutual decision and the details which are surrounding the conclusion cannot be stated by him as it is a contractual issue which took place between two parties.

It has also been asked by Nkosi’s family to the media and his fans to provide them with privacy in these hard times, there will be more details which are going to be shared of his death and also the funeral arrangements which are going to take place shortly.

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