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Is Mr. Ibu Dead or Alive? Nigerian actor Death Hoax Debunked


Is Mr. Ibu Dead or Alive? Nigerian actor Death Hoax Debunked: The popular Nigerian comedian named Mr. Ibu is said to be dead. Is this news true? As many social media posts are claiming that the famous comedian might have passed away people have been perplexed. People are in a dilemma and can figure out whether this news is true or just a hoax. But we are here to make them educated on this topic and we will kill all their queries related to Mr. Ibu’s death news. As there are many questions to be answered. However, we have tried our best to give you all the important information through this blog. By reading down the page you will also get to learn about Mr. Ibu’s age and many more. Kindly scroll down the page. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mr. Ibu Dead

Is Mr. Ibu Dead or Alive?

According to the reports, there are ample rumors regarding his death. But we debunked all those claims and rumors regarding his death news. After following a number of reports we have concluded that Mr. Ibu’s death news is fake. Mr. Ibu is kicking and alive. But it is true that he did have a near-death experience. According to the reports, the comedian was poisoned by his helper who was allegedly paid to give him poison. We also got to know that the comedian spent many days in the hospital which sparked the rumors of his death. However, it is not the first time when Mr. Ibu is poisoned in 2020 he was also poisoned by his staff member. Kindly look at the following section.

Mr. Ibu Death Hoax Debunked

Mr. Ibu is a Nigerian comedian and actor. His real identity is John Ikechukwu Okafor. He was born in 1961 on October 17. People acclaimed him for his comic timings and acting skills. Moreover, he is also one of the highest-paid comedians in Nigeria. As he is a popular comedian it was certain that his death rumors would roar on social media. Kindly look at the following section to learn more about him.

Currently, the actor is 60 years old and he is doing fine in his life. A few days back Mr. Ibu posted a picture of himself on Instagram in which his swollen abdomen can be seen. Moreover, it also has been reported that he has been poisoned three times as of yet. His death rumors took over social media completely and made everyone perplexed. Stay tuned to this page for more information and updates.

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