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Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathirai Season 3 Today’s Episode 1 May 2021: Potato Challenge & Immunity Task Winner!


Hello viewers we are here to fetch you the written episode update of your favorite reality show “Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathirai” on 1st April 2021. The episode begins with the host of the show takes an entry, which she uses to tell about the theme of tonight’s episode. Later they welcome judges and both the judges tell they are excited about tonight’s performances hence they fetch up with the extremely unique challenges for the contacts tonight.

Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathirai Season 3

The participants use to be focused on their challenges and they are all set to perform tremendously. They were going to be announced by a unique challenge in which they have been provided with the limited time to finish their task. So all they gave to do prepare e a dish which will never be cooked before and they must have to add highlighted ingredients in their dishes. Contestants have to prepare something different and delicious by adding to compulsory ingredients potato and Chicken.

One of the male participants use to crack numerous jokes during his performance and helps to reduce the stress level of other contestants. He will go to keep you guys laugh a lot in the entire episode. Later we will see the partners of the participants he’s been blindfolded and others have ti prepared dishes as per the instructions of their blindfolded¬†partners. They can’t see anything whether their partners are doing it perfectly or not.

This task is very challenging for them to perform while judges are so there to instruct them. We will dee one of the most hilarious sequences among the participants, there is a couple, and a wife uses to be blindfolded she assumes that her husband keeps on talking to the rest of the participants instead of cooking she uses to punch him and says don’t lose your focus.

On the other side, a lady comes to her and she tells her not to punch as he is her husband and this against our ethics this creates unstoppable laughter on the entire show. The challenge is extremely hilarious the way participants are performing it, even they also laugh during the task. Later we will see it’s the judgment time and judges are so happy with the dishes prepared by the contestant they use to taste the dishes and complimented the participants. The presentation and taste of the dish will go to decide the best deserving pair of the week.

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