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Move To Heaven Korean Drama Web Series Premieres On Netflix, Review, Story, Cast, IMDB Ratings!


Korean series is known for amazing drama series and movies and their cinema has really caught the attention of the global world as in these times of quarantine people have been watching so many movies and series on the different OTT platforms that are available in every country and it seems like that the Korean multimedia industry has really stood up and have come up with such amazing content that people from all over the globe have been craving for more of their dramas as they are truly fun to watch and the acting is phenomenal.

Move To Heaven

Move To Heaven Korean Drama Web Series On Netflix

Now everyone has realized the place of Korean series and films as they have an amazing production and the drama are really addictive to watch, even the Netflix and many other big platforms are promoting the Korean dramas and are even producing many of the shows if needed which shows that the Korean shows are getting more and more successful as people are really loving these dramas.

Now Netflix is all set to release a new K drama naming “move to heaven” which is going to be launched on Netflix as an original Netflix series, the series is going to be released on 14th May and people are eagerly waiting for the movie as the trailer of it has been given so much love by the fans and without a doubt, the series is going to do wonders for Netflix as in the comment section of the trailer, it is pretty clear that how much people are craving for Korean dramas all around the globe and also there have been many studies done about the Korean dramas as to how they have grown in the multimedia market and it has been stated that no industry has seen such growth in such a short period of time and it has all started with the K-pop and now the effect of it has traveled to the K- drama.

Move To Heaven Cast and IMDB Ratings

  • Hong Seung-hee
  • Jae-Wook Lee
  • Tang Joon-Sang
  • Jin-hee Ji
  • Lee Jehoon
  • Olivia Castanho

‘Move to heaven’ has been directed by Kim Sung-Ho, the series has been created by Netflix, the series has been written by Kim Sung-Ho and it has been inspired by an essay naming “Things left behind” and is an adaptation of it. The series is going to have high expectations from the watchers and that is because of the amazing trailer that is still being loved by the fans and also the amazing acting that has been done by the actors and people also know that the story is going to be amazing as it is an adaptation of a highly acclaimed story so in that department, it is covered and also the show has produced by Netflix and it is going to be a Netflix original which is the reason that the people have really high expectation from the movie and it seems like that the series is going to be a real banger.

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