Home News Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal: New online service for motorists in South Africa

Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal: New online service for motorists in South Africa


Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal: The road traffic management corporation which is RTMC has stated that they have launched a new payment gateway which has been enabled by First National Bank which is FNB to allow the motorist across South Africa to register, renew and pay for their license discs through the online platform which is NaTIS. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal

Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal

There are over 2.4 Million motorists who are going to be renewing their license discs annually, the service is going to enable them to save time by avoiding long queues, penalties, and fines for the late renewal, this has been stated by RTMC on Monday dating to 11th October.

It has been further stated by the RTMC that they have already witnessed the increased online activity with more than 6,700 motorists who are using NaTIS online crash which is a reporting platform since it got introduced in the year 2019. It has been stated by Sipho Silinda who is the FNB Public sector CEO.

He has stated, they are delighted to partner up with the Road Traffic Management corporation to make this service possible and in order to utilize it in the best possible manner, it seems like Covid-19 has accelerated the growth in the digital and e-commerce sectors, there is more consumer who is preferring to shop and to access essential services online.

He has further stated, by adding a digital payment option for the motorists, RTMC is aiming to reduce the cash-handling risks for all of the people who are involved which includes South Africans, this is going to assist in reducing the operational costs and pass these savings to South Africans by introducing more innovative services which are going to make the life of the citizens and the authorities easier.

The motorists will be required to –

  • Log into the NaTIS platform.
  • then the motorist needs to select “view motor renewals”.
  • choose the license disc/car.
  • Capture the card details of the respective bank and then the motorist needs to pay.

Once the payment has been made, motorists are going to have a choice to have the car license disc couriered to their address of choice or they need to get it printed at the nearest Driver License Testing Centre (DLTC), it has been further stated by the South African Post Office has stated they are also working on several initiatives which are going to significantly expand the service offerings at the branches all across the nation.

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