Home News Moti Brothers Kidnapping South Africa Returned Home Safely

Moti Brothers Kidnapping South Africa Returned Home Safely


Moti Brothers Kidnapping South Africa Returned Home Safely: The news of the kidnappings of the Moti brothers is circulating on the media and social media also. There were many of eth articles about their kidnap and the police give their best to bring this brother to their home. So there is good news that these bring are at their home safely and the credit goes to the police. Now let’s know how their locations were traced by the police and the investigators. Moto brothers are at their home safely. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Moti Brothers Kidnapping South Africa

Moti Brothers Kidnapping South Africa

The boys were kidnapped in Polokwane and this was happen to them almost three weeks ago. Here are teh names and ages of teh boys Zia is 15, Zayyad is 11, Alaan is 13 and Zidan os 7. Their kidnap has happened while they were on their way to the school, and they were traveling to the R37 which is nearby N1 bypass. The man has stopped the boys by clicking their car and he was with his seven other men and they were in two different cars Blck Mercedes-Benz and Kia Sorento. The man was shot by the driver and the driver was 64 years old. Even the cell phones of eth siblings were snatched from them and had been dumped at Flora Park.

Auto Moti shared a post that reads, “Being a parent of hour four sons Zia is 15, Zayyad is 11, Alaan is 13 and Zidan is 7, we are so happy and thankful of eth god. We are happy that our kids are safe and they are back to us. We would like to thank the South African police from eth bottom of our hearts. Thanks for putting in their efforts. We would also like to thank all the social media influencers and political parties to help us with this. We got so stunned when we received a call to take back our children home. South Africa gave us the best support and their kind prayers are so powerful that we are with us children now.”

Moti Kids

On Thursday morning the police released a statement in which they said, “we get a call from the local residents that the children reached to their home and also said that they are safe drops to the news by road of their house. So they were first taken to the doctors to confirm they are healthy or not. After this police called to the parents and told them to come to the police station to take back their children to the home.”

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