There has been a new case in China in which a man has died as he contracted a rare disease from primates which are being stated as Monkey B virus and this has been reported on Saturday by the Chinese health officials, the man who has been the victim of the rare disease was about 53 years old who was a veterinarian in Beijing and he has gone to be the first human case to be documented with the case of human getting infected with the disease.

Monkey B Virus China

Monkey B Virus China

It has been stated by the disease control centre in China that the man was working in a research institution and it specialized in non-human breeding of primates and he also played a part in dissecting two dead monkeys which he did in the month of March. He started experiencing vomiting, nausea, fever which he experienced a month later after he got infected, then in the month of April his saliva and his blood was sent to the center for analyzing what has happened to him and that is where the researchers concluded that he has been infected with Monkey B virus and two of his close colleagues who was a female nurse and a doctor has been found out to be negative and this has been stated by the officials.

Monkey B Virus China Symptoms & Treatment

The herpes B virus or the Monkey B virus has been seen in macaque Monkeys but it is significantly rare and is pretty deadly if it is found in humans. if it enters the human body then it is said to be really critical as it directly attacks the nervous system and causes brain inflammation and that leads to the loss of consciousness which has been stated by Kentaro Iwata who is an expert when it comes to infectious diseases as he is working at the Kobe University in Japan and if the disease is not treated timely then there is an 80% chance that the virus is going to cause critical damage.

There has only been 100 reports of the virus as of yet if we talk about the history of the virus as the first case was found in the year 1932 and since then only few cases have been there which makes it to be pretty rare.


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