WATCH: Monica Karungi Death Video Jumps Off Al Fahad Dubai Hotel Roof: The fans and followers of Monica Karungi are currently devasted after hearing her sudden tragic death news. Monica was a famous Ugandan woman commonly known as Mona Kizz has jumped off a hotel tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and passed away. The death video of the model is currently circulating on the web and creating stirring up among netizens. After watching the video that was uploaded on the web, her fans come in a big shock and they are sharing their condolences with her family and looking forward to knowing why this incident has happened. Follow More Update On

Monica Karungi

Monica Karungi Death Video

In Dubai, the video footage of Karungi Monic and her demise has gone viral on social media platforms with her seen dying after she jumped from the AI Fahad hotel in the country. The 23-year-old was a notable personality on Instagram and among one of the well-known models from the African country was watched standing near a window next to a staircase.

As per a viral video watched hanging through the window of the sky scrapper for a few minutes prior to releasing herself and falling with a sickening thud. It is not known why the young model, Mona Kizz decided to take this drastic step and end her own life. A number of pals and close associates have sorrowed Monica Karungi on social media, stating she has left them “confused, hurting and questioning why.”.

Who was Monica Karungi?

Others have attributed her demise to depression. However, there have been presently been no statement released from her family with it yet to be ascertained if there was any foul play engaged in her demise. One of the reasons foresee is to be her not being provided with the job she was assured of when arriving in the country.

This has become an uncontrolled problem in UAE, a land infamous for its human rights violations with people from poor countries roped in for highly cheap labor and then not paid the measly amount they were asserted.

How did Monica Karungi die?

Though, information from close friends of the deceased has disclosed that Monica committed suicide after discovering that her beau who has based in Uganda had tied the wedding knot to another lady, in the spite of sending him all the money she has worked for.

As per her passport data, Karungi was born 1998 in July, in Isingiro District, Western Uganda, and the daughter of the late Mzee Philip Rubakare of Kyempara, Kyeirumba, Kabingo Sub County in Isingiro district


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