Home News Mongols Arrested: Mongols bikies arrested at Queensland Hamilton Island

Mongols Arrested: Mongols bikies arrested at Queensland Hamilton Island


Mongols Arrested: Mongols bikies arrested at Queensland Hamilton Island: Gang members of Mongol Bikie are making the news headlines as they have been found in the shameful act. Their actions are made them make the news headlines. After which they have been arrested and facing prison. The residents of picturesque Hamilton Island are afraid of their act. And their behave raises tension among the citizens. But the authorities are taking strong actions against them. Let’s jump into the article to know the exact story. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mongols Arrested

Mongols Arrested

The embers of the Mongols gang were found consorting an offender and this leads to their arrest. The authorities including Taskforce Maxima Detectives and the water police officers along with the local officers together swooped on the three members of the Mongols gang and they did this after the two days of search operation on Saturday. And this two days operation took place in Queensland.

Why was Mongols Arrested?

They were charged as they were found consorting with the recognized offenders. The senior police officers have been claiming that the OMCG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) members were being monitored by our police personal and they found them behaving rudely to the authorities.

This news is getting viral in the city and the people are now showing their concerns n and they are wishing to be taken some strong action against them by the government or the authorities. Senior Sergeant Troy Lehmann, given a statement in which he said that “offenses committed by Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, were persistently pursuing by our officers and we ensure that Queensland community is now in the safe hands.”

Who is Mongols?

Rochedale is 29 years old who is found guilty in this case and Greenslopes who is 33 years old also involved in this. They were both involve in the same along with one more man who is 28 years old and these three were appointed to the Magistrate court on 3rd November.

The authorities send the warning letters to the other members of the Mongols Gang. What was the exact situation and behave of the three men, is yet to be unveiled. Police also passed a video in which we can see that the culprits are accepting their crime and they are in guilt. There are the news headlines and the rest of the actions against the three men. Their behave was intolerable and the police officers went angry with their act.

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