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Mom Dies Breastfeeding Shipwreck: Mother Dies After Drinking Own Urine To Save Kids


Mom Dies Breastfeeding Shipwreck: There is news which has come in the eyes of the public about 2 children who have reported to be found clinging to their dead mother as she saved their life by drinking her own urine so that she can breastfeed them as their boat broke apart and they were drifting at sea for days.

Mom Dies Breastfeeding Shipwreck

Mom Dies Breastfeeding Shipwreck

The name of the woman is Mariely Chacon who is at the age of 40, she belongs to Venezuelan, they were aboard on 3rd September, she was with her 2-year-old and 6-year-old sons, nanny and husband for a cruise from Higuerote to Tortuga Island when it comes to Caribbean sea as the disaster struck for the family, it has been reported by Newsweek.

A wave struck the boat and it broke its hull apart which made the group spend 4 days adrift on a lifeboat under the blazing sun, the mother got desperate and her mother’s instincts made her drank her own urine in order to breastfeed them during the devastating scenario.

Mother Dies After Drinking Own Urine To Save Kids

Mom Dies Breastfeeding Shipwreck

The survivors were rescued by the rescuers which includes 2 children naming Maria Beatriz Camblor Chacon and Jose David, their nanny Veronica Martinez who were hunkering down in an empty icebox as they were trying to escape the searing temps. The kids were found as they were clinging to their mother’s dead body, Martinez was treated for dehydration and first-degree burns.

Chacon suffered organ failure which happened due to electrolyte depletion which was caused by dehydration, it was accelerated because of the breastfeeding, it has been further stated by Venezuela’s national Maritime Authority naming INEA, the lifeboat was spotted at 6:20 pm on 6th September.

Mom Dies Breastfeeding Shipwreck

It was drifting off the island of La Orchila which was reported by The Sun, the vessel at the coast guard AB Care care reached the craft at 2:10 pm, it further added, the mother has died in a brave attempt to keep her children alive as she was breastfeeding them by drinking her own urine.

The funeral of the mom was held in Caracas on 11th September and it was broadcasted on Youtube, there were some more people which are still missing and the search is still going on for the missing names which include Jose Javier Marcano, Vianney Carolina Dos Santos Morales, Camblor and Alejandro Osorio Graterol.

It has been stated by the INEA, there is very little chance of finding them but they are doing their best as the rescue teams are already deployed and they are going to be their best to find them.


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