Today’s episode starts with Purvi as she tells Arjun about how Daksh held her. Arjun asks her to move and he goes to Virendra’s position. Meanwhile, Arjun notices the vase and tells the waiter to go. After that, he and Purvi go to the police station. Purvi asks him why is he taking her there now. Arjun says to her that she asks so many questions. Purvi gets a call from Sakshi who asks her if they got any evidence. Purvi says to Sakshi that Arjun is so weird and irritating. Sakshi tells her that Arjun is their last hope so tolerate him for some time, Purvi agrees.


Here, Anjali hears Sakshi and Purvi’s conversation and got to know that they have found the lawyer. She immediately goes to Prakashi and tells her about Arjun. Prakashi decides to meet him. On the other hand, Arjun asks the police inspector that he wants to see Daksh’s dead body. The police agree. Purvi asks him now why he wants to see the dead body. Arjun says because he likes to see dead bodies. They both go to the morgue room and sees Daksh’s body. He clicks some pictures of the dead body and smiles. Purvi asks him why is he laughing.

He tells her that Virendra’s case is going to reopen. Purvi asks what’s the evidence. Hs says Virendra will be out of jail soon. Arjun denied telling about the evidence and tells her that he will inform her about the hearing date. At home, Purvi tells Sakshi that Arjun has got some evidence but he is not telling her about it. In the meantime, Purvi gets a text message from Arjun in which he tells her that tomorrow is the hearing date for reopening the case. They both get happy. Anjali and Prakashi hear them and think about what will they do now.

The next morning, Purvi and Sakshi reach the court and wait for Arjun. Sakshi questions him why is he late. Arjun asks her to stay away from him if she wants to win this case. Sakshi gets angry but Purvi calms her down. Purvi goes to find Arjun. Purvi sees Arjun is talking to Prakashi and Anjali who give her money also. Purvi gets worried thinking Arjun betrayed them. She goes to Sakshi and tells her. Meanwhile, the hearing gets started where Arjun proves that Virendra is innocent and did nothing. He shows some proof to the judge. Purvi gets shocked seeing Arjun and gets a little confused. Arjun proves on the court, that day two bullets were fired. Everyone gets shocked. You can watch the latest episode of Molkki on Colors at 10 PM.


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